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Re: Who should we go for?
« on: October 23, 2017, 08:03:06 AM »
1. Does this guy really sound like someone you want managing Everton out of a rough patch?


2. I don't think appointing some boss manager is going to be the solution to all of our issues. The last two summer transfer window shit shows couldn't have happened if there weren't deeper structural issues at the club. Ultimately, it's more important to our long-term success that we sort those problems out, i.e. this is probably a bad time to be looking for a manager who we want to be here for multiple years.

If we sack Koeman, I think the best course of action is to hire Unsworth to see out the season while we seriously re-think the director of football position. Moshiri/Kenwright need to figure out what their vision is for the club - how they want us to play, the importance of promoting from the academy, etc. - and make a serious investment in whoever is most qualified to make it happen. Walsh could be suitable for the job, and it would be easy for us if he is, but if you believe any of the recent grumblings ("has baggage", "like an old woman") it really doesn't seem that way.

I don't think many posters on here have a bigger hard-on for talented managers from abroad than I do, but it's a bit pointless hiring someone like that unless we have a solid foundation in place. Nobody who's genuinely good at the job will want to stay for more than a year or two if we're a complete mess behind the scenes, which means we'd regularly be in the position of hoping that Moshiri/Kenwright pick a new good manager to replace a departing good manager. I don't know how others feel about that but it makes me deeply uneasy. Build a sustainable backroom structure first, worry about managerial talent second.

And to get out in front of the "Unsworth is too inexperienced and will get us relegated" shouts - despite the imbalanced squad, we have better players than most PL sides. If someone like Tim Sherwood, who is a clueless buffoon, can guide a team with a better squad than most of the league to a comfortable finish, so can Unsworth. He has a lot more experience managing - not just coaching but actually managing - at the U23 level, not to mention that he isn't a self-aggrandizing twat. I don't think Unsworth has anywhere near the disaster potential that some make out, especially given his obvious man-management skills.
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