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Author Topic: Who should we go for? POLL RESET  (Read 197948 times)

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Re: Who should we go for?
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It's got to the stage where it's become precarious enough to consider that Koeman has every chance of being relieved of his duties. At the beginning of the season, the prospects for the club and the team looked promising. 9 games in, and we're in the bottom 3 with a goal difference of minus 11. 1 point from 3 in the Uefa Cup group stage and bottom of the league there too. The way we capitulated against Arsenal in the second half on Sunday was mind-boggling. We were dreadful.

Any of the same types of performance against Chelsea on Wednesday will see us out of the Carabao Cup. We will be running out of competitions to bed in the squad and it will leave us in a situation where trying to put together a run of games will only offer the players the promise of a season based on survival. We need a big name to attract the quality of players (strikers especially) to the club. This is the reason someone like Ancelloti would seem to be a rational choice.

Perhaps Unsworth would be able to step in, but would the board trust him with the funds that appear to be necessary to sort out the balance of the squad? He has been given funds for the under 23's, but making signings for the first team is a far more expensive undertaking. I'm not sure they would give Unsworth the backing that would appear necessary to address the serious issues we appear to be facing. This is a critical time in the clubs history. With the quality of the performances we've been showing, relegation is a real possibility.

Which of those big names on the list would countenance taking over a club like ours, which is in turmoil and chaos on the pitch? It's going to cost a lot of money to sack Koeman and a lot of money to organise a new backroom team. Don't be surprised that there's still a possibility, Koeman will still be here for the January window. It's a huge decision the board is faced with.
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