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Author Topic: Interesting it fair?  (Read 3322 times)

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Re: Interesting it fair?
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I'm not arsed what you think I am,I am arsed we don't win fuck all and haven't for years,and you seem happy for our owner to go on telly and try to sell a player,fucking jim white how fucking embarrassing,Badges win fuck all niether will Unsworth, Ferguson loves Everton shall we make him boss or Reid or heath or Derek mountfield,have a look at the table have a look 20years back,Franny Jeffers couldn't wait to get out the club shit on us were is he said and then Baxter,fuck off dipshit.
It doesn't sound like you 'get' Everton. There is so much more to our club, to any club, than what you believe. It's a shame you can't experience it but when we improve there should be still be enough to keep you going for a while.
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