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Author Topic: Everton approach Dyche  (Read 10020 times)

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Re: Everton approach Dyche
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Also I fundamentally disagree with two points.

He's not done an amazing job. He's done a fairly good job in keeping a team with a reasonable chance of staying up in the league.

Secondly, manager's don't adapt. It's a myth. They have methods and an approach to the game which they stick with and those methods condition how far their teams go and how far up the food chain that manager will succeed. I could list a thousand examples. He's not gonna come here and start playing more expansive football. We'd set up like Burnley. That's better than what we have now so nothing wrong with that but it's not a recipe for achieving anything of note now or ever.

Agree to a certain extent. Martinez had a way of playing at a lower league club and won a cup but got them relegated and Dyche has a way of playing with a similar sized club and got them relegated but promoted again. In the end it comes down to resources, both clubs were always going to have a ceiling due to size and budgets and both men have a relegation on their CV.

He'll play a narrow back four to eliminate gaps and put a bank of four ahead to squeeze the play. Keane will look a player again, the rest of the old men at the back will have comfort that their mate is only 10 yards away and we'll become more difficult to score against. Doesn't excite me but then again Everton Football Club haven't excited me for years now, I feel a bit detached writing this as I'm getting to stage where I can't actually get myself bothered about who the next manager is or if we win at weekend.

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