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Author Topic: Everton v Southampton  (Read 38015 times)

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September 28, 2012, 05:53:42 PM
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I remember the last redshite fan/player to say this, conveniently played for southampton.

It was Claus Lundekvam, it was the season when we where blitzing them and we went into the game and Claus stated that "it would be great to score or to win to help out liverpool"

It was the game where we scored 2 in the last 5 minutes, when radzinski scored at the death, aptly shifting to one side of Claus and rifling into the top corner, should have seen Claus face after as if to say "how the fuck did he get that in?" Sweet justice.

Hopefully more of the same on sat.

first Everton game i watched, decided right then and there this is my team.