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Author Topic: Summer 2015 Transfer Window rumour thread  (Read 608346 times)

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September 02, 2015, 02:50:26 PM
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We brought in the cover we needed at CB in Mori. We brought in creativity and pace with Deulofelu and Lennon. We brought in drive, some creativity and adaptability to cover a few positions in Cleverly. We've brought in two prospects in the striker department in Henen and Rodriguez, one whom is first team ready by all accounts. And we brought in a bright prospect CB in Holgate, who already made it onto the bench. We lost 2 players, both of who weren't good enough for our level - as shown last year in Distin and Alcaraz. And most importantly we have kept hold of the best young defender in British (and I dare say European football) in Stones.

No matter how you look at this summer transfer window we've come out stronger than we went in. 
Bollocks. Total bollocks.

Let's start with the obvious one. Which of Henen and Rodriguez do you refer to as "first-team ready"? I can't figure it out. The one who didn't exactly pull up trees last season in the youth squad or the one coming from a poor league with a record of 19 goals in some 80 games? What makes these guys better than, say, McAleny?

The team has struggled to create chances for a year now. Against Spurs they managed to create two, one from a mistake from the defense. They were also totally toothless against City. Deulofeu and Lennon might help if Martinez changes his playing philosophy completely but they are not much help if we insist passing the opponents to sleep.

Mori is a complete mystery. He comes from a much weaker league. If he isn't up to scratch our next choice is Browning. Nice lad but can you imagine playing the Premier League with Stones and Browning as the centre-back pairing?

There's still only one RB of PL quality in the squad. Barry will still play too many games (as he did by his own admission last season). Pienaar has been out injured most of last two seasons and hasn't been replaced. Osman is struggling to be fit, too. In the real world our striking options didn't improve one iota. It's Lukaku, then Kone, then Naismith. We still don't have a creative AMC.

Why would a superstar come here? Why would good players go to Swansea, West Ham, Stoke, Southampton, Newcastle, Sunderland? They managed to sign players like Ayew, Shaqiri, Payet, Wijnaldum, Lens and Clasie. Yeah, those teams are probably more attractive than poor old Everton these days. We need to compete with the like of Bournemouth and Watford these days.

September 02, 2015, 03:18:37 PM
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The Analog Kid

I would like some brown trousers. Preferably Farah slacks..... :woohoo:

Only nonces wore brown kecks mate. Shit choice.

September 02, 2015, 03:26:26 PM
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They managed to sign players like Ayew, Shaqiri, Payet, Wijnaldum, Lens and Clasie

I agree it's been a poor window but let's see how many of the players you've mentioned actually do anything of note this year. Guarantee it won't be many, if any, at all.

September 02, 2015, 03:32:03 PM
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Ok, team v Chelsea will be interesting....

      Coleman             Stones            Jags              Mori

                             McCarthy           Barry

      Lennon                   Barkley                 Mirallas


Not a chance this will be the team
Hans segers is a legend ;)

September 02, 2015, 03:33:38 PM
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I dont think it has been a great window but I think its far too easy to blame Kenwright or Martinez for that. If I would criticise them for something it may be that we used alot of money on average players, but Everton DID really try to add some exciting quality. This window has been very strange, no clubs wanted to sell, just like ourselves.

We did try to get Yarmalenko but that was never going to be easy and we actually did try to get Breel-Donald Embolo for 15M pounds. Embolo, just 18, decided to stay faithfull to Basel instead of risking his career so early. Everton on the other hand was desperate to get hold of him before the next window as they know it is just a matter of time before the big guns goes for him.

I am so sad we didnt get Embolo as he will be a huge star in the game of football, but we cant blame Everton for this one not getting through.