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Author Topic: Summer 2015 Transfer Window rumour thread  (Read 611660 times)

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September 02, 2015, 12:53:23 AM
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We've had a bad window, no question. We've gambled that we'd get the no. 10 late in the day, as more deals potentially become available and we haven't delivered it for one reason or another.

If that's the strategy you go with, and you don't successfully carry it out, you've failed. The alternative was to buy earlier, and if the fees quoted were steep, then you have to sell one or two to raise money.

We needed to strengthen just to keep up, let alone to leap forward. We've basically got what we already had with a few squad additions, and relative to teams around us, above us, and in some cases below us, we're weaker than we were.

Exactly this!

Well said. Rational, and not even the cheerleaders on here could argue it.

September 02, 2015, 01:12:33 AM
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In for another drab midtable team and then what? Stones isn't suddenly gonna be content with that and will be sold. So our victory is another mediocre season without even trying to change things

Stones will be gone within a year even if we finish 7th.

And if we finish 11th again this season it won't just be Stones who will want out.

September 02, 2015, 01:16:06 AM
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I feel like we've gone from being a signing or two from overtaking Spurs and Soton, to watching over our shoulder whilst other teams have strengthened.

A lot of teams have strengthened while we have kept the status quo. In basically every business in the world keeping status quo means you're becoming weaker.

September 02, 2015, 01:30:44 AM
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I think the problem with almost every attacking player we've got is they are utterly inconsitant

We can't get a regular 6 out of 10 out of any of them. 1 week they are great the next utterly shit. We are having to carry a couple of players every week

Least with lennon and Cleverley while they aren't stars you're getting a regular decent contribution.

I agree.

But isn't at least 50% up to the manager to get everything he can out of his players? i.e. playing them in positions, and playing tactics that suit them best.

It seems sometimes our players look very clueless out there.
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September 02, 2015, 05:57:38 AM
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Christ I am pissed off at the moment.

Now we have 5 first team wingers, will RM actually start 2 of them at once, or will he persist with his notion of playing a CM on the left? Why have we ended up paying 90% more for Mori than originally agreed? We missed a clause in his contract? Isn't this something the club lawyers are supposed to pick up on before we agree the deal? Why did we not have more than one No.10 on our list? Ukranian clubs are supposed to be tough negotiators, yet we have not one back up option if the deal falls through? I'm sorry, that smacks of a phantom bid.

Pretty much sums up what I've said today.

I just pray he plays wingers next game. Please play Mirallis and Lennon. Please!!