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Author Topic: Manchester City v Everton  (Read 60028 times)

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January 13, 2016, 11:42:12 PM
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I look forward to these battles with City. For a "top" PL side they aren't that obnoxious* and their players mostly get on with the game except for Toure, who finds it necessary to get in the ref's ear at every decision. Pellegrini is, for the most part**, a class act and has dealt with the Guardiola situation gracefully (in stark contrast to Mancini, who was always a wanker of the highest order). It still amazes me that Pellegrini gets so little credit for the "big" club jobs that he's had -- he's been great for City and was excellent at Real, denied the La Liga title by probably the greatest side in recent history.

They're going to pose a threat today but we have enough to steal a win. They play a suicidally high line and don't really have the personnel to deal with Barkley/Lukaku 1 v. 1, so if we sit back to absorb pressure and look to get those two on the ball in between their midfield and defense we might cause some problems.

As some others have said, I'm really hoping for a continuation of the solid play we've seen in the two fixtures before Dag & Red. However it plays out, we should learn something about how we need to set up for the second leg of the semifinal.

(And please, no Kone on the left tonight!)

* The players and manager that is. The support can be extremely obnoxious (see last week's game at Goodison).
** His moaning about the decisions in last week's game was kind of pathetic, though.

January 14, 2016, 12:53:41 AM
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I'm reserving judgement on Osman until I see how he copes.

Roberto is trying to emulate the balance we get from having Cleverley in the side but I doubt Osman has the legs to a similar job (and Pienaar isn't completely match fit yet). Still, his guile in possession may help us relieve some of the pressure we're likely to be under.

January 14, 2016, 12:55:22 AM
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Even though Stones isn't a natural right back, he passes the ball well and can help us build down that flank. I'm really curious to see how this side performs.