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September 19, 2010, 08:44:49 PM
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Fucking drop Distan, play Hetinga CB and Feliani at DM. Its not fucking hard. Drop Hibbert like the sack of shite he is, put Nevile in. Drop fucking Osman and fucking shoot the cunt and put Coleman in. Play either Tim and A.N other striker or 4-4-2 with Yak / Other depending on the Oppo. Fucking simple. FFS. Grr.

I am in the anger stage of the 7 stages of Grief btw.

And then drop fucking Neville cause he's shitbag.  4-4-2 is no good because fucking Beckford is shite and fucking Yakubu is lazy twat. Saha is shit since he signed new contract just like fucking Arteta, and fucking Cahill was shit even before he signed contract.

September 19, 2010, 11:10:58 PM
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Neville Jagielka Distin Baines
Arteta Fellaini Heitinga Pienaar

God help us.

September 20, 2010, 12:32:23 AM
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Its better than having Osman RM. Id prefer Coleman but since he wont give him a start because he wants to accomdate players thats probably the best formation available.

It is difficult to think somethink worse than Osman on the wing, but Arteta (who is poor even in his natural position recently) playing wide, Fellaini as a playmaker, Heitinga DM and sleeping Russian beauty AMC could be worse.

BTW I think Hibbert is a better right back than Neville at the moment.