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August 22, 2017, 05:29:11 AM
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Sky saying PSG are looking to sign Mbappe and Fabinho for 201m and Lucas Moura.  :o

I said after Neymar that I thought authorities would take a dim view of Qatar paying the release clause. If not recognised and addressed by authorities, it will provide clubs with a work around for anyone with release clause to not include figure on FFP. The more diluted and more limited the remit of FFP the less effective and more unfair the system becomes.

I think this suggests either PSG think fuck it, if we are going to get banned anyway, lets shoot the moon and strengthen as much before a ban.

It also puts UEFA in the awkward position of banning a team with 2 of the most exciting young players in world football from their main competition. For that reason they'll probably do a transfer ban and fine, so PSG might as well stock up.