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February 02, 2018, 01:52:43 AM
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Let's start off by saying I am not trying to start off a pro-Cuco Martina thread. However, I thought he had one of his better games last night and I have a theory about this.

The reason, in short, is the return of Coleman.

Why? I 100% believe that when a player is "weak" or "young and unproven" in a position, you tend to get the player/s next to him covering. Unfortunately for us, we have had 2 cases of this on both sides of defence, Martina and Kenny. Both left and right centre-backs have been or should have pushed wide to help them out, causing gaps in our defence. The wingers have been dropping deep just to cover for both of them also which will be to the detriment of our attack.

Now that Coleman is back, the right wing will not be overly worried and the right-sided centre-back will trust whats going on to the right of him too.

In turn, this means that only the left side will cover as they have been and Martina will get allot more protection because there will be less space in the middle for the centre-backs to worry about.

If Coleman stays fit then the rest is history. Just wait until we get Baines back as well! Bliss.
I'm a big critic of Coco but he deffo had his best game by far last night .
Long may his improvement continue till old Bainsey is back anyway 😅
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February 02, 2018, 03:45:53 AM
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Great post until this. Baines has been a great servant and a great player, but I'm afraid we will never see the old Baines Again. Seems like his legs are getting old and his mind is on more serious matters than football
Still world's better than Coco (despite playing well last night)he's nowhere near Baines even now.
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Born not made a blue .