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May 20, 2018, 02:41:22 PM
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I was thinking about our squad a couple of days ago. Assuming (hopefully incorrectly) that we make no signings how do we look,

Coleman Keane jags Baines
(Kenny)    (Mori holgate)
   Gueye davies
 (baningime, Schneiderlin, rooney)
Lookman sigurdson walcott
(Klaasen, bolasie, Vlasic, mirralas)
  (Niasse, dcl, sandro)

I think with more confidence Keane and klaasen could prove useful. Holgate May improve enough to make jags a decent back up. And we have no back up for Baines. Defensive mid is ok the 3 behind the striker is a good mix of pace and craft and tosun has impressed.

That side, with guidance, motivation and fitness would keep us were we are, maybe push 6th if Arsenal’s decline continues.

I think we need to prioritise the backline in the summer. A quality left back to replace/back up Baines is a must and at least 1/2 center backs. Beyond that I’d say a striker to replace/back up tosun would be helpful.

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June 06, 2018, 03:15:35 PM
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So reports are that brands/silva want to shift around 12 players. Fairly obvious who they are going to be.

Rooney-looks like a done deal but if he stayed and accepted a bit part role  he could be useful. Big wages tho
Robles- ✅
Mori-wouldn’t be offended if he stayed. Again as back up though.
Schneiderlin ✅
McCarthy-been injured and at times had looked ok, at other times shite we have better in the squad do deffo get rid.
Bolasie- recovering from serious injury. Been shocking this season but then so have everyone. Be happier to see him kept on till jan to asses if he will improve.
Niasse- be sorry to see him go but we need better.
Mirralas ✅
Sandro- personally like to see him come back and get a run in and he u23. See if he can come on.
Klaasen- see Sandro
Besic-not worked out thru injury. Maybe found his level at boro. Another one who I will be sad to see go but the time is right i think.

I know that’s 14 but I guess we won’t be seeing them all go. You also have the likes of jags/Baines who are getting on and need moving on soon.
Is there anyone else? Someone on the list who shouldn’t be there?
I'm fat, but it's not my fault I have a genetic condition resulting in me retaining burgers.