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February 02, 2011, 11:16:30 AM
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I am agreeing with you. Read furthur up.
yeah i know thats why i wrote exactly

February 02, 2011, 01:49:35 PM
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Sir Stealth

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Genuinely think we did alright last night. There's only probably one game tougher than Arsenal away in the Premier league and that's United away. I thought we set out well, got the goal (somewhat fortuitous) and still created a few chances. There was a bit of possession we had at the start of the 2nd half where we forced a few corners but couldn't do anything with them, and still kept it fairly tight at the back. We couldn't have been much more open or they would have destroyed us. As has been our downfall this season we conceded avoidable goals, Rodwell was unlucky that his header went straight to Arshavin and then we've not marked up well enough from a corner.

I'm assuming that Neville was injured and therefore had to come off, Coleman and Bily both looked knackered so I think that's why Jags was on,as he was best suited to right back out of our subs. The Victor sub I can only assume was due to Moyes seeing him has being better in the air, so that he and Fellaini could knock down long balls in the hope of snatching an equaliser. Still I would always rather see Beckford introduced before Victor has Jermaine is a more natural goalscorer. Ossie didnt do much when he came on,but he is not the reason we lost!

Come the end of the season, it is not going to be cos we lost against arsenal away that we didn't finish where we wanted to, it's the matches we expect to win that we keep throwing away. Let's hope Blackpool on Saturday isnt one of them!
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February 02, 2011, 02:15:19 PM
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I was fairly angry come full-time last night, but I've cooled off a bit now.

As Stealth says, it's not this game which has put us where we are, it's the accumulation of having a crap season and barely beating anyone in the league.

We were excellent last night in the first half, Fellaini especially, but fell away a bit in the second. Dodgy defending let in two goals and we ended up losing a game we had got ahead in via a pretty dodgy decision. Obviously we hate losing, but I feel my anger at the result from yesterday wasn't about it specifically, but the season as a whole.

I wasn't too sure about the subs, to be really honest. Bily looked tired, but Osman hardly offered much more. If Neville was injured, the Jags sub makes sense, but I have to say I'd like to have seen Beckford on, because the guy scores goals, given time on the pitch, and we needed a goal.

I'd like to hear what Fabregas said in the tunnel, and I have no doubt Moyes is telling the truth. Fabregas seems like an absolute arse.

Onto Blackpool on Saturday now. Even they've strengthened since we played them. They'll be right up for it. We need a win, even more so because we're in and around each other in the table.

What a shit season.
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February 02, 2011, 02:38:32 PM
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I did. They Arsenal, they split defences often but how many saves did Howard have to make?

Well if thats your analysis as to why our defence played then ok.

February 02, 2011, 02:47:05 PM
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I left about an hour ago to avoid reading all this, now I've read it.

Im about to play a 5 a side indoors, Im going to picture my opposition as everton.chris, needless to say, someones going through a wall tonight and Im getting sent off.

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