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Author Topic: Dixie Dean: Harder than a fecking Rubik's cube  (Read 1066 times)

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January 17, 2010, 08:46:07 AM
Read 1066 times

Endless, Nameless


Some highlights:

"The youngster suffered appalling injuries in a motocycle accident in North Wales with a girlfriend and Thomas Keates’ Jubilee History of Everton Football Club recorded: “Doctors were afraid he could not live for many hours.

“His survival astonished them. When recovery was assured the medical pronouncement was ‘This man will never be able to play football again.’"

"If Dean’s return to a football field was heroic, so too, were Dean’s actions in the crash itself.

“A chap driving a car cut in and then dropped back and then suddenly cut in again coming towards me,” recalled Dean in Trinity Sports Media’s “Dixie Uncut” publication. “I had the choice of either going into the car or going down the mountain so I went right through the windscreen of the car. But before the crash I was able to turn round and push the girl off the bike. She only damaged her ankle, fortunately, but I fractured my skull, broke a cheekbone and fractured my jaw in two places.”"

"Dean was never intimidated – at home or abroad.

On tour in Germany, against a Dresden team featuring 10 of the German national side, the home side insisted that the game be played with a size four football.

Dean refused and when the German captain carried the smaller ball out onto the pitch and placed it on the centre-circle, Dean picked it up, carried to the touchline followed by the skipper and the referee – and booted the offending article out of the ground.

“Now we’ll play with this one – the size five,” he declared – and they did.

Dean’s ability as a goalscorer is, quite rightly, celebrated – but his prowess as a marksman should never cloud the fact that he was also one of Merseyside football’s hardest men."

Read it. Learn some more about the great man   ;)

Oh well, at least Baines is still ace.