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Author Topic: Man Utd vs Everton  (Read 48503 times)

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April 23, 2011, 08:37:52 PM
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Why the fuck would we let Neville take the free kick? Fucking outrageous.

April 23, 2011, 08:40:11 PM
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Fuck that, fuck this. Any glimmer of hope of grabbing a European spot went with that game. We could have at least tried.

April 23, 2011, 09:04:04 PM
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Im sorry but any other team and manager in the PL would have looked at that starting lineup, realised it was an average team, got themselves psyched up and gone at them.  But oh not Moyes and Everton, Moyes does'nt want to upset his bumchum Sir Alex and the players look like they are in awe.

That's a ridiculous accusation. The idea that Moyes doesn't want to upset Ferguson by beating them is pretty fucking ridiculous.

April 23, 2011, 09:07:35 PM
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we can talk all day about this that the other the fact is we are not good enough to beat utd
we are where we are 7 or 8 where we might finish, but as getting top 4 we are as far out as a light house
fuck sake Anichebe wouldn't get a game with wolves or wigan if he was with them and we think we could
beat utd with him up front, and this thing about lads saying Rodwell will be our Gerrard forget about it.

cahill wasn't fit but i think his best days are behind him, what i think we should do is sell Anichebe,yak,yobo
vaughan,bily, go get some young players in and also go get Micheal Owen i think he could do a job for us next
season as we don't have money to buy a big name striker.

Seriously? How can you knock Anichebe today? At least he did something. We looked a lot better with him and Cahill on.

Cahill is past it and you want us to bring in Michael Owen? Get a fucking grip lad, I know it was a bad game but you're obviously not thinking clearly, Owen didn't even touch the ball against us.

April 23, 2011, 09:35:44 PM
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you get a fucking grip Anichebe has been a fucking disgrace this season even today he was rolling around the field
as if he was shot bye a sniper and yes give me own anyday of the week than Anichebe didn't owen hit the post

You're a joke. Your own bias is blinding you, what a fucking surprise. Of all the players to knock today you pick him, every fucking game it happens. Get a fucking grip you absolute moron. He wasn't great, but he was far from our worst player, and he was more positive than most people today. When did he moan? When he didn't get the pen? Any player would have complained about that.