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Everton vs Chelsea

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Everton 6:2 Chelsea
Gueye 3      Ramires 2
Vellios 3

Hibbert hat trick, Howard sent off and Moyes nuts Ancelotti.  Who cares...

Don't think I've ever had less interest in an Everton game to be honest.

Roll on August..

Bob Sacamano:
Its very bleak in here!

I don't like predicting but I'm going for 0-2 Chelsea with a borderline shameful performance from our lads.

In order to maintain 7th position we have to hope that Fulham and Stoke don't win their last fixtures and we lose to Chelsea or else the worst case scenario is we end 9th.

Now I'm not sure how much the difference in value of prize money between 7th and 9th place finish but given our financial situation this could make a bit of a differerence given the club needs all the money it can get. I know it's a sad state of affairs but at least it's an incentive to try and win this coming Sunday


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