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Would you Cash In Jags For Onhoua And An Experienced Winger?

Yes - it makes sense
33 (67.3%)
No - Jags is a key member of our squad
16 (32.7%)

Total Members Voted: 48

Author Topic: Would you Cash In Jags For Onouha And An Experienced Winger?  (Read 6671 times)

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August 19, 2011, 04:53:46 AM
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I've said all I want to say on the matter now lads.

I've maintained all along this summer that the 2 players I absolutely do not want to see leave the club are Jags and Baines.

Anyone else, if the price is right, let them go as there are options out there I would be more than happy to see brought in in their place.

With Jags and Baines, I dont see anyone out there who could be brought in for less than what we recieve and not lose anything (or even gain) in terms of ability.

That to me is not progression, that's a massive backward step.

Backward step in the short term. Its entirely possible that Heitinga given a run in the dfence might be better than Jags. Likewise his replacement (someone like Onouha).
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August 19, 2011, 05:32:57 AM
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Depends, Moyes can develop players. If we're able to develop 5 Jags or 5 Lescott like players and sell them for the same amount of profit that is actually one of the few options we have of getting the club back on a healthier financial footing.

I actually think Moyes is capable of doing that too, and why he is one of our greatest assets.

Erm, to an extent yes. Moyes did very well to uncover Lescott and sell him at a high price and also has a history of finding bargains like Cahill and Arteta although I can't see us sell those two for a very good profit given their ages and in Arteta's case, his huge wage packet.

However, right now, if you look at the first team, I don't think Howard, Hibbert, Neville, Distin, Osman, Yakubu, Anichebe, Saha, Yobo, Mucha, Beckford and Cahill would command a good price tag (roughly 5m or more). So there is little value from selling those players although selling Yobo and Yakubu would free up the wage bill enormously and I could see us maybe receiving 7m in total for those 2 players.

Baines, Jagielka, Rodwell and Fellaini are considered our most valuable players as we believe we can pocket at least 15m from each individual sale, I have always accepted selling at least one of the latter two especially Rodwell but I fear that his 'promise' is fading as he had a poor season last time and Moyes doesn't seem to know his best position, will he really develop into a promising future England star? I wouldn't want to sell Baines or Jagielka right now, defence is the most important area as that has always been our foundation for getting results.

What is 10m Bilyaletdinov still doing at Everton? I think in future if money ever became available in vast amount (say we sell a player for 25m) then Moyes should refrain from spending big money, his history of signing expensive players is not very good and we can't afford to throw away money like that.

Another source of avenue of income is to develop the youngsters. We supposedly are supposed to have some promising players like Mustafi, Garbutt, Lundstram, Hope, Barkley, Vellios, Baxter, Gueye etc. But some including Gueye (ok he is injured now), Mustafi, Duffy, Vellios and Baxter have seen their opportunities extremely limited and because they are not playing enough games then their overall value cannot increase. Moyes has to give youngsters more opportunities in the future in order to a) replace departing experienced players and b) sell on for a very good price to another club.

August 19, 2011, 05:38:42 AM
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Backward step in the short term. Its entirely possible that Heitinga given a run in the dfence might be better than Jags. Likewise his replacement (someone like Onouha).

But is it worth taking that risk? What if our defence becomes worse and given our attack isn't all that great then it may be a lot harder for us to win games. Also with Heitinga, he doesn't exactly come across as a player who is here to stay in the long term given his history of trying to engineer a move away from Everton.

August 21, 2011, 02:28:34 AM
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Think it even more obvious that Jags has to be sacrificed. Unfortunately at the moment he is our only desired asset and luckily Arsenal after today may be as desperate to buy as we are to sell.

It would then be imperative that all the funds released or at least majority given to Moyes to reinvest. The s**t would truly hit the fan if the money was to disappear to the banks.

With the proceeds Onuaha picked up for 3-4million, would take SWP for the same wouldnwouldnoffer some pace and directness despite what some might say. The remainder would put in for a striker.I like Beckford but he will only ever be an impact sub for us and Saha can't be relied on. The 10-12 million I would offer Chelsea for Sturridge, probably wouldn't go for it but who knows.

Football Manager-esque I know but it's either that or drink myself in a stupor after today and I wasn't even at the game today.