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Author Topic: Wigan Athletic vs Everton  (Read 65827 times)

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January 31, 2010, 05:07:13 PM
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Think that the commentator on the Sopcast one was Scott Minto and i've never heard more idiotic commentry in my life, When NZogbia got checked by Heitinga it was defo outside the box and he said it's on the line and then claimed that it was definately a penalty, also how the hell was Cahill onside when his legs were definately behind the last defender and it doesnt matter if his head is offside that and Fellaini was definately onside aswell. On top of that N'Zogbia has impressed me since newcastle and i'd definately take him for his pace and dribbling alone.

And if that were the case, Fellaini would be offside for every ball that he didn't pass himself

Oh and Cahillllllllllll