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Author Topic: 15 year old George Green signed from Bradford for initial fee of £300,000  (Read 20912 times)

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October 03, 2011, 07:05:54 AM
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Blue Phoenix

Could rise to up to £2m if he turns out any good.

Everton to sign Bradford City starlet George Green in whopping £2million deal
12:10am Monday 3rd October 2011

Exclusive By Simon Parker »

City are set to sell a teenage prodigy to Everton in a mega-bucks deal that will bank them up to £2 million.

Everton have beaten off interest from over 20 clubs, including some from abroad, to sign 15-year-old midfielder George Green, who is seen as one of the hottest prospects in the country.

The deal was done at Saturday’s Merseyside derby after talks between Archie Christie, Peter Horne and Everton boss David Moyes.

Tottenham and Rangers were also chasing Dewsbury-born Green but he felt a move to Everton – and their reputation for blooding youngsters – was the best choice.

City will receive nearly £300,000 straight away from the first payment for a player who has come up through the school of excellence.

The deal is structured to include further bonuses for appearances, new contracts, potential international appearances and a bumper sell-on clause from any future transfer fee.

Head of football development Christie said: “This is one of the highest deals ever for a 15-year-old from a League Two club. But George is the best I’ve seen in his position at his age. He could become another Wayne Rooney or Paul Gascoigne."

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October 03, 2011, 07:39:53 AM
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School of Science

These are the kind of deals that excite me nowadays,keep our fingers crossed eh,recently watched that other starlet Ferni Orangi i think he's called came on for Drenthe in the reserves against Villa looked really good an fast as well.
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October 03, 2011, 09:28:25 AM
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£300k is a lot for a 15 year old!  He must be good!

October 03, 2011, 09:29:53 AM
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Haile GAZrselassie

Stealth ya flaming galargh!!!

October 03, 2011, 09:51:00 AM
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"" If you have never heard of George Green before today you are not alone. The fifteen year old who joined Everton for a fee which would rise to in excess of £1.75m is a virtual unknown yet in a list of the most expensive sales in the club’s history Green would rank in the top three. Dean Richards cost a fee up to £2.135m to Wolves, Andrew O’Brien cost up to £2m, then comes Green.

How is it that this kid from Batley Carr that no one has heard of is a part of this deal which could pay for City’s future?

Pull up a chair, dear reader, because the deal was being done on the day BfB spent with Archie Christie and now it is public we can fill in a few details.

Before we arrived for our early morning swim Archie Christie had been meeting David Moyes (the time to allow the manager get to training) to talk about Green but by the time we ended the day we had held in our hand a bid for the player from another Premier League Club.

The deal had been in the offing for sometime although it was coincidence that we got exposed to it (the day of the interview was enforced by mine & Jason’s work commitments, Christie took the first day we offered some six days in advance of the interview) although in setting up there was a time when I was on Christie’s house phone and David Moyes was the mobile being told that he would be called back.

It is probably not fair to say who the other Premier League team was it was but you might notice that Everton are replacing Tottenham Hotspur in the four team tournament next summer. Spurs are pivotal in the story of Green’s rise. It was on the training pitches of Tottenham Hotspur that Christie showed off his young player’s talent. “He is Rooney,” Christie told us he had told Premier League managers, “the best in the country.”

They agreed.

27 clubs – including top clubs from Germany and Scotland as well as the Premier League – registered an interest in George Green. Christie proudly showed us the DVD of the game in which Green scored a hat-trick. Fifteen in a game of lads older than he Green stood out, and two of the three goals he scored were superb. A mazy dribble with sublime finish and a first time curled goal that did recall Rooney were impressive enough to enchant youth scouts, Premier League managers, Chairmen, Directors of Football recruitment.

Christie had built up Green’s confidence – a confidence he showed on the field against Aston Villa’s kids who had a pair of central defenders rated as the best young pairing in England – by giving him a place in the Development Squad. Green is proof of concept for the idea of having a way to graduate players from the kids but not to the first team. Green could not have played in the first two months of City’s season and even if he had the realities of League Two football probably would not have helped the player’s development.

But playing in the middle area that Christie’s Development Squad provided a place for City to build Green, and be sure of him. While in the Development Squad Christie and the coaches moved Green’s play forward on the field, putting him into a more attacking role. One of the skills Christie is credited as bringing to his role (See Archie Christie Day: Part 2) is the ability to tweak a players game to develop it. In this case he nudged Green forward up the field and the results are there for all to see.

When I asked him how he could attract the attention of top clubs when parading Green Archie Christie said it was because he so rarely did promote a player, and when he did that player was worth promoting. Said Christie “This is one of the highest deals ever for a 15-year-old from a League Two club. But George is the best I’ve seen in his position at his age. He could become another Wayne Rooney or Paul Gascoigne.”

However Christie would not take all the credit for George Green and Peter Horne – and his team of coaches – have once again found a player and brought him to City who has provoked interest from the top division. The difference between Green and Tom Cleverly is not in the finding but the export. As I understand the deal for Green City have got more up front than the stand to make from the full Cleverly deal, sell on clauses aside.

One can hardly blame the club or the board for that. If you or I – well versed in watching football as we are, dear reader – watched a young player impressing in a youth team game would we know at what level he could go on to play at? Would we know if the player was England material or just someone who might play 150 lower league games? If some club offered lower six figures we might take that because we knew not what the player was worth and how the market worked.

It was obvious watching him work that Christie knew that market. He told the board that he would get over a £1m George Green, they were sceptical – I’m sure that many reading this article are sceptical about someone being able to pull a kid from the youth set up and sell him for more than Andrew O’Brien – but Christie has made good on his promise. Not only that but he had looked at a player and recognised what is rare talent (how many other 15 year olds get sold for £2m?) which might indicate that the man knows a thing or two about spotting players.

In the morning we spent with Christie the deal on the table had a limit to a buy out clause, and a few other points that at the end of the day had been changed. That was on Thursday and a different club so I would not be able to say what the final details were but I’m pretty sure that that deal will be superb for City.

It would have been great to watch George Green break into the first team, to cut a dash in claret and amber, and it is sad in a way that that will not happen but that income can pay for City’s progress. The Development Squad is paid for and so are a good few first team players. Christie’s hope is that with deal like Green City will be paying for the wages of three or four League One players in years to come.

The Green deal is a massive success for Bradford City and hopefully a massive one for Everton too – they have developed a few decent young lads in their time – and one which starts to move the club out of the era of relying on cash input from the chairmen and into a time when the club begins to not only pay for the year on year football but also for its own improvement.

I recall watching Dean Richards’ last game for Bradford City and when he left for a deal which could have snuck over £2m with clauses that City could have got more. When Andrew O’Brien joined Newcastle for only £1.5m plus a bit I remember thinking that we should probably view his sale as being aggregate of the fee for Des Hamilton. Dean Windass for the £1m we paid for him, Robbie Blake for half of what we had valued him at. I’ve always thought that City’s players leave cheap. I’ve seen that changing now.

George Green: Remember the name not because he is going to be the greatest player in the future of Bradford City but because his move could pay for the future of Bradford City and rather than being a product of blind luck this boon is brought about by a hard working youth development squad delivering players to a development environment and having a business environment which was able to maximise the opportunity.""

Once Everton has touched you nothing will be the same"
Alan Ball

" Notoriously shy and laconic off the field, Dean's quotes are sparse. He is reputed to have said to an over-enthusiastic marker 'I'm going for a pee. You coming?' "

October 03, 2011, 10:05:43 AM
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That article is terrible. Whoever the writer is should be shot, some of the worst prose ever.

Sounds like a good signing though, although we probably won't hear anything about it for another 3 or 4 years. Another one for the future I hope!

October 03, 2011, 12:40:16 PM
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That article is terrible. Whoever the writer is should be shot, some of the worst prose ever.

Sounds like a good signing though, although we probably won't hear anything about it for another 3 or 4 years. Another one for the future I hope!

At first, I thought it was just a clumsy translation from Portuguese.

Very interesting signing. Just the kind of player we should be using our money on while Moyes is still around.

And I'm relieved to hear we actually have 300k to spend.
Everton forever.

October 03, 2011, 01:23:17 PM
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That article is terrible. Whoever the writer is should be shot, some of the worst prose ever.


October 03, 2011, 02:19:48 PM
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Who cares about who wrote the damn article, start a thread about the guy who wrote it!

Sounds like the kid has great potential, and if he really is good I'm sure we'll see him playing for us soon.

October 03, 2011, 02:24:49 PM
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EVERTON have swooped for 15-year-old Bradford starlet George Green.
The Toffees are paying £350,000 up front for the midfielder and have agreed a series of add-ons, which could be worth £1.75million to the League Two side.

Bayern Munich, Spurs, Newcastle and Rangers all wanted Green.

Tottenham were particularly keen after the teenager scored a first-half hat-trick for them in a trial game against Aston Villa 10 days ago.

sounds promising.
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October 03, 2011, 02:48:06 PM
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October 03, 2011, 02:53:19 PM
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Anybody know this lads birthdate? ie just turned 15 or very close to being 16 ??

If the latter he could well be seen at some stage next season

October 03, 2011, 03:06:18 PM
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if he doesnt start against Chelsea sack moyes!!

our most expensive signing in 2-3 years and hes 15 lol

another coleman hopefully!!
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I'm 25 so big Dunc IS a legend!!

October 03, 2011, 03:16:09 PM
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School of Science

LOL read through that barely and one column took my eye,the bit were Moyes was down there talking and they recieved a bid from tottenham,you guessed harry fuckin redsack,im sure this man hires a private investigator to follow Moyes around
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October 03, 2011, 03:51:46 PM
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Garbutt cost half this 2-3 years ago and we haven't seen him yet. Hopefully this guy is twice as good  :hail: