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Author Topic: Everton v Stoke City  (Read 46684 times)

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December 03, 2011, 03:08:55 PM
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Saha is our only proven striker!

Vellios as proven at fulham is not ready for starting games. I think the stats show impact sub is his best possition at the mo. He's coming on and scoring... It works!!

Saha and Cahill do NOT work. They both drop off. But tbh we have no real other options at the mo! I don't think we need to see much more of straq to see he is shit!

Personally I would play Saha up top on his own (not his best possition) and play a Barkley, Billy, Osman type off him. NOT Cahill. Or you play vellios up top ( even tho not ready) and Saha or Cahill off him.

It's a dilemma were in by being skint and not having the required players. Not really Saha's or cahill's or moyes fault IMO.
Hopefully January will change this !

December 03, 2011, 03:12:56 PM
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Anyways I would go...

Hibbert jags heitinga Baines
           Fellani Rodwell
Coleman    Osman   Drenthe

December 05, 2011, 01:01:42 AM
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This result would of left me fuming last season or especially the season before but I take it in my stride now I half expect it... When u look at our team now it is a mid table bunch of players.

Moyes is right we have a good core of a team, some great youngsters but completely lack the players only money can buy!

Vacant jags heit/Distin Baines
            Rodwell Fellani
Vacant.      Vacant.      Drenthe

Coleman could go in there at RB IMO but would be learning. We need 3/4 top players to come into the current team to be anywhere near what we like to think we are or should be.

No point getting angry anymore. We just have too many average squad players starting every week now and no quality in the final third. Depressing times when unlike other clubs we don't even have any money to address the problems!

December 05, 2011, 02:06:25 AM
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Anyone who cant see that we are playing two strikers every week is just pure clueless!!

Anyone who thinks it doesn't matter moyes has had no money doesn't matter!?!? Again clueless!!

Anyone who doesn't see he can only go with what he's got and what he's got ain't good enough however he sets the tactics up... Well Jesus fucking Christ.... Deluded!!

Before the money completely halted moyes had us (when Donovan came on loan) on the verge.... Since he has not been able to spend a penny whilst all others have spent millions. In some cases 100's of millions. Moyes on the other hand has lost quality players and had fuck all!

We expect better??? Shouldn't settle for this!?!? Were efc!!
My god think where we were before he came??
Think how close he has got us on scraps!?!?
The football at one point were playing!!

He deserves a fucking medal putting up with the shit he has had too!

All IMO of course..... RANT over!!

December 05, 2011, 01:37:35 PM
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But he's playing as a striker!?!? And he does for Australia too. He's a deep lying striker now basically

Who would u suggest?? Straq and vellios up top?

I'm not saying we should never play with 2 strikers up top but we don't even have 1 proper striker. Saha is the only one nut even he is a deep lying striker.

Finally u could stick dzeko up top for us and we'd still struggle.
We need a ACM creative player
We need a RW goalscoring flair player

Without these the striker will never get the ball.