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December 03, 2011, 08:53:46 PM
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Why does  every one pick saha as first choice up front? hes had his chances and not taken them.Shoundnt vellios start up front with timmy .I hope rodwell is fit again  and billy instead of osman well good for 3-0 win.

Don't know the words "should" or "shouldn't" have much place in sentences about who Moyes plays upfront. He doesn't have enough in the way of options to get into ideals. It's pretty much always a patch job with whatever materials are available.

And Moyes sees Velios in training every day, so if he's not starting him, it's likely because he's just not ready for a full 90. Remember when people were crowing for Beckford to start, and what happened (and didn't happen) when he did?

Moyes has a good track record in recent years in bringing on a second striker later in the game like Vaughan, AJ, and Beckford to change the game and grab a goal. Could be Velios will fill that role most of this season. Considering where he was a year and a half ago, it still qualifies as an astonishing leap for him.
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