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December 04, 2011, 10:06:56 PM
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Were keeping the ball but Ossie and Felli aren't dropping in deep enough to take it off the likes of Jags and Heitinga and they seem to be playing it between themselves a bit much. and when it does work its way into midfield, we've got no movement uptop as Vellios rightly either drops in or backs up against the CB to take the ball but we need Cahill to be the mover in and around Vellios so are midfield as a through ball on but he just isn't that type of player so were always just playing it wide, and mainly down the left.

Vellios is doing the right thing and being the target man and staying centrally and backing into Huth or Shawcross so that we can play into his feet but we need a mover in and around him so we can play a through ball instead of always being forced to play out wide.

Maybe Barkley or Gueye could play off Vellios but no doubt in second half Moyesy will take off Vellios and bring Rodders on and put Cahill upfront and Osman playing off of him. Against Stoke you need good movement in and around there defence as there all big and cumbersome and can deal with the likes of Cahill and Vellios as there not movers uptop, Stoke will take playing up against those two all day but get a little clever mover up there and they'll have some trouble!.

December 04, 2011, 10:09:51 PM
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Btw, for me Felli as been are best player, always looking to go forward and drive on with the ball and in general we've played well but we need summat a bit different uptop, maybe someone like Barkley with clever feet and an eye for a pass, or Gueye with his pace?.

December 04, 2011, 11:25:00 PM
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Ref was fucking useless today and helped Stoke out. Some of the bear hugging and missed fouls was a joke. But if you haven't got anything about you, no guile or creativity in the final third then ya never will win games!

It's alright having possesion and playing infront of Stoke but if you don't have anyone moving or looking to go beyond the strikers and inbetween CB and FB so that we can penetrate there defence with a through ball than we've got no hope at all!.

Moyesy talks about us being a 15-20 goal getter short of being a decent side and to me that's just a load of bollox!. Yeah they help but we need more creativity in central midfield and wide right so we can actually create chances for the likes of our strikers and Cahill or whoever else plays up there!. Maybe are strikers would score goals if we created good goalscoring opportunities for em but we don't have anyone who can thread a ball or are final ball is shit more often than not!.

And we need some pace and movement in the team aswell, if you haven't got the movement in the final third and ahead of the ball, then you haven't got that opportunity to thread a ball through. I can probs count on one hand the amount of times we've put through are striker one on one with the opposition keeper, it just hardly ever happens.

And same at defending corners or FK's, nobody is willing to break a neck to break out from the back and strike up a counter attack. Coleman at one point ran out from back down left and 7 Stoke players got back in there own half and only one of are players got forward of some sorts to support Coleman or give him an option, it's fucking terrible!.

With no pace or movement from our side we will never create good enough or enough chances to win and kill off teams. We'll end up getting by with goals from set plays or penalties which is very rare we score from set plays these days or get penalties!.

And another thing that is fucking me off is Moyesies subs, there made too late and he makes the wrong choices for me. Yeah Bily should of come off but for Rodwell?. Why not bring Gueye on earlier for Bily or bring Barkley on who is direct and runs with the ball and can pick a pass and maybe unlock Stokes defence?. And why take Vellios off when we was losing 1 nil at home with 20 plus mins to go, why not keep him on and put Stracq on aswell and have 2 out-an-out strikers on that we can aim for in the box when crossing, could of even took Bily off for Stracq and had 3 aerial threats on upfront in Cahill, Vellios and Stracq.

Very disappointing afternoon. In Jan we need to be looking at finding some creativity and pace in midfield somehow, find some one clever who can either unlock defences with defence splitting passes or someone with pace and a trick to beat a man and get good delivery in or shots off cos we'll be in a right struggle all season if we've to carry on with what we've got.
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