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December 17, 2011, 11:04:43 PM
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15 shots on target, 13 off and 13 corners. It's hardly a shit performance. That can't be put down to poor strikers or poor tactics. They defend and blocked as if their lives depended on it, and Ruddy had some fantastic saves.

We can all have a moan when we play badly and don't get any shot s on target. But on some days, things just don't fall your way. This was one of those days.

Some people will just moan for the sake of it.

4 games lost at home. 2 wins 2 draws. When you consider we almost lost at home to Norwich City, and have lost to Stoke and QPR I don't really think its unreasonable to have a moan.

We can fire off as many shots as we like, the midfield play is insipid (shown as clear as daylight by the contrast when Drenthe came on), the defence looks shaky, and I cant see our strikers providing any goals.

It looked like yet another day at the office watching that crap against a Championship quality side. I'm not seeing the plusses you are Gash.

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December 17, 2011, 11:16:38 PM
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We played pretty well today and dominated them for most of the game. They scored a really good goal. On  another day we could have walked that game.

They're far from Championship quality, as there position suggests, they also deserve a bit of credit for coming and giving it a go right up to the end.

Not starting an argument with you here Gash but I disagree.  The goal they scored was due to a double cock-up by Jags, shite header, even worse swipe when the ball came back down.  Holt shouldn't have been in with a sniff.

When we actually had some quality on the pitch, Drenthe ripped through Norwich like butter. They are not a good side. They are organised and play for each other, but they are poor. Acres of space to exploit, which we categorically failed to do.

I wouldnt even say they parked the bus, crosses were coming into their box from the wings in the first half with NO Everton players in the box.

15 shots on goal, and about 8 of them came post Drenthe's arrival in the last 10 minutes. It was far from a decent performance.
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December 18, 2011, 07:19:39 AM
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I think most of the people who are upset, are because they don't rate Norwich, probably because they haven't watched them. Holt's goal was a superb bit of skill, he also had a header that was excruciatingly close. From very little in terms of opportunities, they have strikers with confidence, who can wrestle a chance from a long ball, with the space vacated by the other team attacking.

I thought we played better than we have in several other games this season. Restricted them to very little and created a lot more chances. While it's frustrating that we have so much possession and chances, but struggle at the business end, we are still doing a lot of good things. We are still applying the pressure and dictating play, we just need a bit more guile and confidence in front of goal.

Drenthe is such an important ingredient for us, oppositions have to change tactics to try and deal with him. He has the pace to beat a man, the ability to fire a dangerous shot at the drop of a hat and the confidence to keep looking to get involved. If he was fully fit today, I think we would have won.

Norwich are one of the worst teams we will play at GP this season, period.

The ball should never have reached Holt, it was keystone cops defending from Jags. Norwich have 2 decent strikers, a very average midfield and a dreadful defence. We made them look far better than they deserve to be rated.

For the first 75 minutes our performance was dreadful. Insipid, predictable and one dimensional would be the words I would use until the last 10 minutes after the introduction of Drenthe. If that performance had been at home to  Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal etc I could understand people viewing the game in a more positive light.

We had 7 shots on goal before Drenthe came in. 7. 1 every 12 minutes. If you just look thru this thread you wont see comments like "we can do this" / "we are doing well" after they scored. It was derivative. I was completely in the dark as to where a single goal was going to come from, it took 1 player to play above average to rip Norwich apart when they showed a bit of class,and guile.

I think the last 10 minutes clouded peoples judgement of our overall performance, where we got the other 8 attempts on goal.
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