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December 18, 2011, 07:32:33 AM
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December 18, 2011, 08:42:53 AM
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Norwich are one of the worst teams we will play at GP this season, period.

The ball should never have reached Holt, it was keystone cops defending from Jags. Norwich have 2 decent strikers, a very average midfield and a dreadful defence. We made them look far better than they deserve to be rated.

For the first 75 minutes our performance was dreadful. Insipid, predictable and one dimensional would be the words I would use until the last 10 minutes after the introduction of Drenthe. If that performance had been at home to  Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal etc I could understand people viewing the game in a more positive light.

We had 7 shots on goal before Drenthe came in. 7. 1 every 12 minutes. If you just look thru this thread you wont see comments like "we can do this" / "we are doing well" after they scored. It was derivative. I was completely in the dark as to where a single goal was going to come from, it took 1 player to play above average to rip Norwich apart when they showed a bit of class,and guile.

I think the last 10 minutes clouded peoples judgement of our overall performance, where we got the other 8 attempts on goal.

I'm not saying they are top half of the table long term, but they are a dangerous outfit, playing well. Considering how shit they are, they are a fair way up the table. We contained and restricted their threat better than a lot of other teams. They've now scored in 7 of 8 away games, they were never going to be easy.

We were playing some of the best football we have played this season until they scored. Then they tightened up, were more cautious and potentially more dangerous on the break. There were periods of frustration, but we were nearly always on the front foot. I thought, but for a couple of poor performances, the majority of the team played well.

December 18, 2011, 04:33:52 PM
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they suited our play down to the ground though. they are not a tight unit they play open  football for us to exploit. We hate it when a team turn up and park the bus in front of their goal, but norwich arent like that. Their forwards are average at best and their defence is weak. Come to think of it their midfield wasnt up to much either.
our play is all about upping the tempo. when we do we are quite decent whicjh is why its usually the last 10 minutes that things get going.
Drenthe needed to come on a lot earlier and be told to run at kyle naughton as he was booked in the 3rd minute. we would likely have got him sent off the way drenthe plays, but like the commentator said on my stream he didnt understand how we hadnt run at naughton since his booking.
unfortunately its the first 80 minutes of slow, unimaginative dross that is the problem

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