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Anyone who went to the Tamworth match...

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Author Topic: Anyone who went to the Tamworth match...  (Read 4258 times)

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January 08, 2012, 07:54:40 PM
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I don't regret it but it's the most depressed I've felt after seeing us win.
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January 08, 2012, 10:01:06 PM
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I would have been made up to be at a match were we actually won.

January 08, 2012, 10:18:11 PM
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Wasn't the best game in terms of football, but we won 2-0 never really looked like losing the game.. It was only Tamworth but a win is a win. I've never regretted going to any game win, lose or draw

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January 09, 2012, 10:19:20 PM
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I didn't go because I was away, but I wouldn't of minded paying the £20. Not only to watch us, but when I was in Primary School I used to play football against Joe Collister, and I know his dad through family, so it would of been more worth it to see Joe play against the team he used to go and watch as a kid.

January 10, 2012, 03:52:57 AM
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