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January 14, 2012, 07:10:06 PM
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What do you think Duffy, Pip, Hibbert or Rodwell to start at the back in Distins absence... i vote Duffy i think.

If Hibbert is fit, either him or Neville will play at CB, probably Hibbert as Neville as said he doesn't want to fill in at CB anymore if possible. With us signing Gibson, i wouldn't be surprised to see him put straight in and Felli used at the back as im not convinced Moyesy as enough faith or trust in Duffy to start him in the prem?!.

But me personally, i'd give Duffy a shot, he didn't do himself no harm Wednesday and as been playing all season for Scunthorpe, although a totally different level, so he's fit and ready to go so i'd give him a start and see how he gets on, it could be the making of him, haha or vice versa unfortunately but i hope he proves himself?!.

January 14, 2012, 08:17:18 PM
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On paper the side looks good, can they produce the goods today though?. I hope so!. Glad he's shown faith in Duffy and i hope he does well!. and good luck to Gibson, hope he strikes up a good understanding and partnership with Felli.

There's one thing though with that bench, he wont be making any negative, defensive minded changes in the game!.

January 14, 2012, 08:38:04 PM
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Lads on SSN saying it's incredible that we're not bottom of the league.  Given our complete lack of scoring poor.  Merson saying if he had money and was looking to buy a club he would go straight for us.

Everyone apart from Charlie have Villa, Charlie has a score draw.

Yeah, saw that. But what they say is true really, how aren't we bottom when were struggling to score goals and playing as bad as we are?. And what about Le Tissier, 'Gibson is about Everton's level', cheeky cunt! haha.

Todays line up with both Drenthe and Donovan in it smells of counter attacking football today. When they was both on the field at Spurs we was breaking alot (although it never came to much apart from a couple of penalty decisions) with those two at the heart of it and i can see the same happening today with Villa being the home team and the emphasis on them to get at us.

We could get some joy today from that?!.

January 14, 2012, 09:58:01 PM
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Were doing ok but we need a goal cos Villa will have there spell of pressure this half!. We need to cut out the careless passing and be a bit sharper to the ball (Drenthe, Felli).

Duffy for me is doing really well without really being tested, he's doing the basics well and getting his head on most things, certainly doesn't look out of place and Gibson quietened towards the end of the half but he looks decent, always shows for the ball and the one thing we've lacked and he looks to do is play forward, penetrative passes.

Must admit though, we'll miss Donovan when he goes again ya know. Them forward runs he makes and his quality on the ball is what we lack desperately without him, no other player in are team really makes those runs beyond the front line like he does and its a great outlet when on the break.

Hopefully second half we'll get an early goal which will drop Villa heads and make the crowds mood worse and we'll kick on to a win. COYB!.

January 15, 2012, 04:03:01 AM
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Reasonable performance but felt like a brilliant performance compared to some recent games. Refreshing line up obviously partly forced by injury and was really disappointed that Saha and Cahill started again! There's stubborn and then there's DM.

For me:

Howard 6.5 - couple of iffy moments.
Neville 7 - RB best position but distribution still sideways.
Heitinga 7 - steady game
Duffy 7 - looked the part and deserves credit for stepping up to Prem
Baines 6.5 - steady but not as involved as usual and some poor set pieces.

Donovan 7.5 - good on the break with some mixed crossing
Felli 7 - very good first half but got sloppy in second and not as effective
Gibson 7 Good debut and actually looks to pass forward!
Drenthe 5.5 - conceded possession regularly

Cahill 5.5 no impact again
Saha 6 - good effort in first half and should have had pen but not doing it overall

Anichebe 7.5 - Goal and looked a handful when he came on - wrap him in cotton wool

Bily / Denis - unfair to judge
DM 7 but would be higher if braver and earlier subs used


Don't agree with you giving Saha a better rating than Cahill. Alright, Cahill wasn't brilliant but he put more of a shift in than Saha and got more involved with the play today, i thought Cahill did well considering he's been poor of late.

And im not sure about Neville getting a 7 either. He did ok but for a player of his age and experience, he still makes silly fouls in pointless areas, and he wont give up trying to chip it down the line to no one.

Thought Duffy showed up well and didn't look out of place and Gibson looked good aswell to say he's been with us a day. Atleast he looks to play forward, penetrative passes which we've lacked for a long time, and he always shows for the ball and gets in space.

Donovan was definitely MOTM!. Never stopped running, worked hard and showed his quality on the ball and were going to miss him when he goes!. His runs beyond the striker, always looking to get in behind and stretch teams is what were going to miss most, we don't have a single player who will do that apart from him and it's what helps us out alot in getting at teams when trying to attack and it's a shame we wont ever be able to sign him permanently.