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Author Topic: Everton V Manchester City  (Read 55462 times)

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February 01, 2012, 12:00:55 AM
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Call me stupid but i fancy us tonight.

if we take the game to them, you never know

if we go defensive like we did away from home, no chance
Everton forever

February 01, 2012, 06:05:40 AM
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As good as Heitinga was (and it was one his best ever games in a Everton shirt), the radio on the way home said he was MOM not Denis?

I though Denis was outstanding, they way he husslted and worked was very tevez like, albeit taking an extra touch at times to control it.

Really impressed by the big feller

I also noticed city put alot of focus on controlling baines and keeping him marked when everton had the ball

howard didnt have alot to do.

Only 3 things dissapointed me tonight
1. Jelovik wasnt registered in time to play
2, I though some of nevilles distribution at times giving the ball straight back to city was very league 1 (but something we have got use to with neville)
3. I though gibson was awful, especially 2nd half, his passing even his short passes where poor, felli carried him for long periods. Im not having ago at him as I never expect much from him. But when your already prefering rodwell or osman to be in the team ahead of him, it doesnt give you much hope for any improvement from the lad. It was even worse than his villa performance.

Everton forever