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February 06, 2010, 09:08:18 PM
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Endless, Nameless

Howard 5 - Worst game in recent memory for him.

Neville 4 - Slow. Stupidly slow. He kept getting the ball and on the rare ocassion he made a forward pass, it took him 10 seconds too long to make it.

Heitinga 6 - Bar the one early incident with Ngog, Heitinga has a good game.

Distin 6 - Didn't really put a foot wrong.

Baines 6 - Lots of effort, good defensively and a decent free kick shot.

Pienaar 4 - I only just realised he got sent off... Fuck... Awful game and now we're without him in the hardest month of football in years.

Fellaini 5 - Didn't get much of a chance, hope he's okay.

Osman 5 - Didn't realy notice him doing much.

Donovan 7 - Very positive and that run late on was magical.

Cahill 6 - Lots of effort and almost scored.

Saha 5 - Did not look like a player who just signed a new deal...


Arteta 6 - He played exactly like I thought he would considering he was not match-ready -- not as good as he is.

Anichebe 5 - Fucking idiotic hesitance cost us the last chance to grab something from the game.

Yak 6 - Looked bored and tired, but a great shot and some good hold up play.

Manager rating

Moyes 4 - None of the subs made any sense to me. Bily? Coleman? We needed someone to inspire us. An unfit Arteta, lazy Yakubu and unfit and never inspiring Anichebe were nonsensical subs.
Oh well, at least Baines is still ace.

February 06, 2010, 09:17:56 PM
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Endless, Nameless

Can't agree with them mate. I just don't get why people are so hard on Saha after games like that. He tried hard enough but he isn't superman, christ!

I thought Distin was ok. He did better than I expected, considering he's had so many injuries.

Saha played ok, but I stand by what I said. He didn't look happy or energetic, like a player who has just signed a new contract should.
Oh well, at least Baines is still ace.

February 06, 2010, 09:24:24 PM
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Endless, Nameless

He did more than most on that field today with very little service. And he clapped the fans on the way off.

I wasn't insulting him off the pitch. And maybe he did more than most, but that isn't saying anything. I gave him a 5, deal with it. Why does he warrant a 6? He did nothing particularly well.
Oh well, at least Baines is still ace.

February 06, 2010, 09:29:22 PM
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Endless, Nameless

Fair enough, no need to get pissy. Okay, he deserves a 5. Why does Distin deserve a 6 then? That's what I don't get. He was bullied by David NGog today and completely ran ragged.

Had he not been coming back from injury I would have given him a 5. I think he deserves a 6 as I didn't notice anything particularly bad, and he's just come straight back into the team again.
Oh well, at least Baines is still ace.