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February 06, 2010, 08:52:39 PM
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Howard- 5. Commanded his box well enough but was criminal on the goal conceded.
Neville- 5. No creativity from his side at all. Kept playing it into Donovan with a man up his arse where he couldn't do anything. Predictable and stunted our rhythm.
Heitinga- 7. Did well at centre-half and didn't really looked troubled at all. Deserves a 7 just for squaring up to Steven G.
Distin- 5. Liking him less and less if I'm honest. That N'Gog chance where Osman slid in on him in the first half was down to Distin not putting the ball out and opting to hit it across the pitch.
Baines- 5. Didn't do much really bar the free kick.
Donovan- 7. One of the brighter lights.
Fellaini- 6. Did well when he was on but not long enough to judge. I think I'm right in saying Felli' stands where Kuyt did on the goal?
Osman- 5. Not good enough.
Pienaar- 4. Awful.
Cahill- 6. Tried, showed endeavour, but should have scored.
Saha- 6. Tried and worked but never had any service as per usual. Clearly the best striker on the books.

Arteta- 8. Our man of the match, shame when he had the ball the others just looked at him as if he was going to magic-wand a goal.
Anichebe- 5. Should have scored.
Yakubu- 6. Looks fucked, one good shot.

Both Anichebe and Yakubu never had the service, mind.

February 06, 2010, 08:56:40 PM
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Very generous there Rhimbo.

Apart from Johnny and Donovan, they really can come out of this match with heads held high.

It depends where your normal mark is I guess. I would have given Fellaini a 10/9 against City, some would have given him an eight. My ratings are always a little bit jacked up I guess.

February 06, 2010, 08:58:46 PM
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I like Donovan, he's good enough for us but the hype over him is fucking stupid. He's by no means the talent some people make him out to be.

Saha and Distin were rubbish

Donovan was arguably our best player today mate. His work-rate is brilliant and that run where he put Insua on toast you wouldn't see from any other Everton player. In terms of quality, he's no better than most in our team, but he offers something different.

And I honestly don't get what this Saha things about. I don't know what more he could've done today with the service he was given. Just shit, pointless long balls hoofed up to him and even if he wins it, Cahill seldom gets in front of him. What more can you ask of the lad? He was tracking back, sliding in and putting himself about...

As for Distin, agreed shit. I'd prefer Sendy' and Yobo to him now. Doesn't look a very good buy at that price. Looking more like a flop if I'm honest.

February 06, 2010, 09:05:40 PM
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Distin screams panic buy, fuck knows how he's a professional footballer without the ability to kick at all with his weaker foot.

I wasn't getting at Donovan. I know he was one of the only ones arsed today. He's never gonna be anything more than a decent player though for us.

I agree with that. I'd like Donovan here permanently though because he is, as you say, a decent player and a decent outlet. Can't see him being a colossal player for us but he'll do a job, if we get him, that is. He seems to fit the Everton ethos though.

February 06, 2010, 09:12:50 PM
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Howard 5 - Worst game in recent memory for him.

Neville 4 - Slow. Stupidly slow. He kept getting the ball and on the rare ocassion he made a forward pass, it took him 10 seconds too long to make it.

Heitinga 6 - Bar the one early incident with Ngog, Heitinga has a good game.

Distin 6 - Didn't really put a foot wrong.

Baines 6 - Lots of effort, good defensively and a decent free kick shot.

Pienaar 4 - I only just realised he got sent off... Fuck... Awful game and now we're without him in the hardest month of football in years.

Fellaini 5 - Didn't get much of a chance, hope he's okay.

Osman 5 - Didn't realy notice him doing much.

Donovan 7 - Very positive and that run late on was magical.

Cahill 6 - Lots of effort and almost scored.

Saha 5 - Did not look like a player who just signed a new deal...


Arteta 6 - He played exactly like I thought he would considering he was not match-ready -- not as good as he is.

Anichebe 5 - Fucking idiotic hesitance cost us the last chance to grab something from the game.

Yak 6 - Looked bored and tired, but a great shot and some good hold up play.

Manager rating

Moyes 4 - None of the subs made any sense to me. Bily? Coleman? We needed someone to inspire us. An unfit Arteta, lazy Yakubu and unfit and never inspiring Anichebe were nonsensical subs.

Can't agree with them mate. I just don't get why people are so hard on Saha after games like that. He tried hard enough but he isn't superman, christ!

February 06, 2010, 09:21:04 PM
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I thought Distin was ok. He did better than I expected, considering he's had so many injuries.

Saha played ok, but I stand by what I said. He didn't look happy or energetic, like a player who has just signed a new contract should.

He did more than most on that field today with very little service. And he clapped the fans on the way off.

February 06, 2010, 09:25:38 PM
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I wasn't insulting him off the pitch. And maybe he did more than most, but that isn't saying anything. I gave him a 5, deal with it. Why does he warrant a 6? He did nothing particularly well.

Fair enough, no need to get pissy. Okay, he deserves a 5. Why does Distin deserve a 6 then? That's what I don't get. He was bullied by David NGog today and completely ran ragged.

February 06, 2010, 09:43:50 PM
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Saha may have tried but he created nothing, literally, zero shots. At least the yak tested Reina, and people are being harsh on Anichebe for his chance. Yes he should've shot but that turn was more than Saha created all game.

Can't blame it all on Saha of course, the rest of the team was pretty terrible. And 8 for Arteta is laughable, he passed sideways all game(like everyone else), something you, Rhimbo, have been slatting Osman for recently.

Arteta carried the ball, he threw himself in to tackles. He showed heart and desire and almost pushed players into moving for him today. He got a foot on the ball and tried to run the show. For my money, Osman didn't do anything of that nature. As soon as Arteta come on, Osman just kept passing 6 or 7 yards to him, as if to say "Do it all yourself, Mikel".

It's not that simple, either. Mikel's passing range is far superior to that of Osman's, as is his vision and his passing variation. He hits some high, some long, some fast, some slow. Arteta's sideway passes are sometimes 10 yards, sometimes 30. Osman's are always the same telegraphed passes. And more often than not, his put a full back or a winger into trouble because they are marked. Arteta seldom gives the ball away, Osman does.

As for Saha, you can say that if you want. I think what we saw today was an unfit striker who was thrown in to play because of his experience and the other strikers not being match-ready. He ran himself into the ground pretty much and was fucked after 60 minutes. I don't call that being lazy, I call that age and not being match-fit.

Both Yakubu's and Anichebe's shots came when Liverpool were sitting back protecting their lead. Saha didn't really have that luxury against their defence for that long. That meant we had more of a foot on the ball and could carry it further forward. In the first half, Saha made intelligent runs (the Heitinga free kick along the floor, Osman playing him in when Reina charged him down, Cahill's long ball up where he was narrowly offside). If Saha would have been in Anichebe's position, he would have buried it, and that's the difference.

I think you're just treating things too black-and-white.
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February 07, 2010, 01:01:26 AM
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That's just not true, I saw Arteta pull out of tackles on more than one occasion today. Not that I blame him really but what you've put there makes it sound like he put himself about and dominated the game, he clearly didn't.

I don't blame Arteta for not creating more because he's only just come back but he was not an 8, not in a million years, he was average, played fairly simple passes, and nothing incisive. I'm also not saying Osman was good, by no means, he was garbage as well, but you've really overshot his effect on the game. He did see a lot of the ball, but nothing happened, and yes that was due in part to poor movement but he did not have a good game.

As for Saha, you're right he may have buried that chance, but he didn't create it. He didn't get behind the defence at all today, when there was more room for him than there was for Yak or Anichebe. He hassled defenders and challenged for the ball, but he didn't link up play or make good runs, and he didn't turn and run at defenders(which is one of his best attributes). Up front, Cahill created a couple of chances, challenged for the ball, and link up well with the midfielders(maybe not well but at least it happened a couple times).

Both Cahill and Anichebe probably should've scored, but at least they were able to get into goal scoring positions, which Saha did not do.

He challenged and got in their faces, considering that he's just come back from a year-long injury, you'd forgive him for being a little tentative. He wasn't today. He was getting stuck in, which is more than I can say for most.

It's all subjective with ratings, so drop Arteta down to a 7 and drop a few others a point down if it makes you sleep easy.

The Liverpool that Anichebe and Yak played was vastly different to that of the one Saha played.

February 07, 2010, 09:52:26 PM
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Heitinga, Donovan and Arteta are the only players who come out of the game with any real credit. Donovan and Heitinga had a go and Arteta was the only one who had a clue what he was doing in possession. Sadly for him whenever he got the ball everyone would run towards the box and not look to link up with him or give him outlets.

And he did break them down, Anichebe just fucked up the chance he had when he was through on goal.

I agree with pretty much all of that. Arteta was one of the few, along with Heitinga and maybe Donovan, that didn't go hiding scared behind men and not showing for the ball, which is more than I can say for most.