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February 06, 2010, 08:51:40 PM
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Howard 4 - hesitant throughout and at fault for the goal.

Neville 4 - poor defensively, hoofing a lot and offering little.

Heitinga 5 - not the dominant display I expected.

Distin 6 - some important tackles, worked harder than some.

Baines 6 - tried hard and some good touches.  

Pienaar 4 - produced very little and getting sent off put the icing on that.

Fellaini 5 - didn't take control at any point.  We will miss him if injured though.

Osman 4 - offered virtually nothing.

Donovan 7 - tried hard, looked interested and made good runs.  Wasn't used enough.

Cahill 6 - ran around and unlucky not to score.  At least showed passion.

Saha 5 - looked knackered throughout.


Arteta 6 - passing was generally fine but with with no movement from anyone around him he had nowhere to go.  Poor set pieces.

Anichebe 5 - full of energy but missing sharpness and should have pulled ball across earlier.

Yak 6 - trying to make a difference despite the fact balls were getting hoofed at him.  Good shot and movement.  Leading the line well.

Manager rating

Moyes 6 - waited too long to bring on subs but for me they were the right ones.  I put the result more down to the players who simply did not perform than him.  We should have passed it round this Liverpool team, instead we hit a Liverpool player consistently and let them off.

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February 07, 2010, 10:24:47 PM
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I agree with pretty much all of that. Arteta was one of the few, along with Heitinga and maybe Donovan, that didn't go hiding scared behind men and not showing for the ball, which is more than I can say for most.

I would include Cahill too, he showed desire and was unlucky not to score.  He gave more of a Captain's performance than Neville yesterday.