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Author Topic: My 'Observations' from today.  (Read 2480 times)

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February 06, 2010, 09:26:13 PM
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1. Support was good today, as usual we didn't dissapoint.

2. That famous Anfield atmosphere was once again missing.

3. Not blaming him but Atkinson was fucking awful today, absolute homer if ever I've seen one. Some of the shite that Gerrard, Carragher and Mascherano got away with was abolutely laughable.

4. Will probably get slated for this but our tactics were all wrong. Hetinga should have played DM after Felli got injured, Turning point in the match without doubt, our midfield dissapeared. Why we waited till there was only about 20 mins left whilst 1-0 down to 10 men to finally switch to 2 strikers is a mystery.

5. We once again showed today the difference between ourselves, City and Villa. We have no bottle whatsoever.

6. Another one I'm likely to get slated for. Louis Saha is a lazy cunt, Did his work, got his big wage packet so he doesn't seem to want to make an effort anymore.

7. Say what you want about Dirk Kuyt but if our team had half the heart that he's got we'd easily be in the top 4.

4.. Turning Point?? There was no turning point.. we were dogsht.