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Author Topic: My 'Observations' from today.  (Read 2806 times)

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February 06, 2010, 09:27:54 PM
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Endless, Nameless

1. Support was good today, as usual we didn't dissapoint.

2. That famous Anfield atmosphere was once again missing.

3. Not blaming him but Atkinson was fucking awful today, absolute homer if ever I've seen one. Some of the shite that Gerrard, Carragher and Mascherano got away with was abolutely laughable.

4. Will probably get slated for this but our tactics were all wrong. Hetinga should have played DM after Felli got injured, Turning point in the match without doubt, our midfield dissapeared. Why we waited till there was only about 20 mins left whilst 1-0 down to 10 men to finally switch to 2 strikers is a mystery.

5. We once again showed today the difference between ourselves, City and Villa. We have no bottle whatsoever.

6. Another one I'm likely to get slated for. Louis Saha is a lazy cunt, Did his work, got his big wage packet so he doesn't seem to want to make an effort anymore.

7. Say what you want about Dirk Kuyt but if our team had half the heart that he's got we'd easily be in the top 4.

1 and 2, I wasn't there so I won't comment, but we sounded loud on the TV.

3 Atkinson was poor today, but that is probably the hardest game a PL ref will have this season

4 The tactics were awful. I would have had Nev in DM and Coleman in RB though.

5 I kind of agree. We always raise our game and did well before the sending off. We're just not clinical at all.

6 I half agree. He did ok, but he didn't look like a player who had just signed a 2 year deal.

7 I've always been a fan of Kuyt. The guy is finally getting the goals to match his constant effort, so good on him. I'd be made up to have him in our side.
Oh well, at least Baines is still ace.

February 06, 2010, 10:31:55 PM
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Endless, Nameless

1) Why do we never have a player on the back post? I know Howard should have got the ball that led to Kuyt's goal, but at the same time a man on the far post would have hacked the header clear. If Moyes insists on pulling every player back for corners then it is imperative that we have a man on each post. Hell, a corner soon after and we still had not learnt!

2) Once Fellaini went off Moyes should have moved Neville alongside Osman. Arteta was the wrong substitution in my eyes. Fair enough, some will say it might have been too big a game for Coleman but we missed, in my opinion, a ball winner in the middle of the park. Coleman coming on also would have allowed him to burst past Donovan and give him an option down the right; something Neville failed to do regularly.

3) Over, we weren't good enough. It's all well and good having possession but if you don't do anything with the ball then you don't win matches. Apart from Cahill's sitter and Yakubu's effort we produced nothing, and at 0-0 with one man extra we should have been rattling through the gears. Instead, we tried to play football and got outgunned in the blood and thunder encounter that the match descended into... we were outfought by the team that in the past has played football.

All in all, very disappointing.

Why do we not have a player on the back post?

That is the greatest question of all for me. Even with an EXTRA man on the field we didn't. Even after Kuyts goal when a man on the back post could have cleared it, we didn't.

Oh well, at least Baines is still ace.