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Author Topic: Ok, maybe Moyes has lost it:  (Read 4926 times)

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February 07, 2010, 12:38:41 AM
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Dr. Sponge

Manny was available on loan a few days ago wasn't he?

The sort of pass Manny was capable of was exactly what we were missing today.

People really need to get over Fernandes. He wasn't even that good.

February 07, 2010, 01:10:23 AM
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Dr. Sponge

I am, but I do think he provided a different type of pass than Osman/Arteta. He was able to thread it through players and usually at a nice non floaty pace.

He isn't the only player to do this of course.

Yeah you have a point, he has a little extra to his game in that department, he could do the unexpected... and do it well. But he was far too inconsistent, especially in his second spell here (ok yeah he did play left side midfield for most of that).

Plus, he considers himself a defensive midfielder. IMO, Fellaini does a far better job in that position.