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Author Topic: Everton v Southampton  (Read 37714 times)

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September 30, 2012, 01:35:35 AM
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Why can't people look forward with a bit of optimism, instead of all this pessimistic shite?

We are doing well, and yet every time we win there is an element of doubters that Everton will simply roll over have have their bellies tickled by Wigan.

Have a word with yourselves and look forward to the next game with a bit of belief in our team, and some respect for the opposition, who will be doing their best to beat us!

Because optimism leads to more disappointment, we drew 1-1 at Wigan last year too when almost everybody expected a win so perhaps we just don't want to get carried away. On paper we should beat them, but we should have beat West Brom too such is the unpredictability of football. It's not being pessimistic really, just trying to manage expectation.