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Author Topic: Manchester City v Everton  (Read 37324 times)

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December 01, 2012, 11:36:08 PM
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Got to say mate I thought our performance today was fairly impressive. The defence actually did their job for once amongst some quality free flowing football. City had their moments, but, we definitely have it in the locker to play much better than today. We are definitely not getting the rub of the green, but that turns up eventually. Personally I think we've still got chances. I reckon the next couple of games will show us more as to ,where we are as a team.

Bearing in mind it's Spurs next week and Chelsea before the end of the month with West Ham somewhere in the middle, if we are still three points off top 4 come Jan, I reckon we should fancy our chances. Especially if Benitez   hasn't been sacked by then.