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Author Topic: The ITK Thread: January Edition (Back With a Vengeance!)  (Read 331864 times)

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January 06, 2013, 09:32:41 AM
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Honestly, no, l wouldnt beg to leave.

But all the money in the world cant satisfy you if your not doing what it is that every footballer is supposed to want and that's play 90 minutes of football once a week.

A lot of players actively seek a move away somewhere when they're no longer in the managers plans. One's with ambitions other than to get stinking rich do anyway.

Joleon it seems is happy just to take the poke regardless.

l genuinely dont think he will move on either.

I knew it wouldn't take long for Evertonians to turn their back on him and for him to be a prick again. Let's be honest, this debate does come up quite a lot these days; the whole "What's the difference between 50k and 90k a week in terms of quality of life?" vs. "Footballers don't have a long career to earn as much as possible" argument.

I hated Joleon when he left and he set us back a few years. There are Evertonians today who still believe that his move ripped the fabric out of our team, highlighted us as a selling club and that we've never recovered from his departure. Our defensive record would speak for itself in that regard. Consecutive clean sheets were seen as standard for an 18-month period with the partnership of himself and Jagielka, now we'd be lucky to keep one never mind string multiple together! I will always begrudge him for his decision 3 years ago but would welcome him back given the current climate.

However, can you really argue with his move? You could argue Kolo Toure's drug ban resurrected his fledgling City career but he's still in contention for an England call-up whenever the squad's picked, he's earning much more at City and he has Premier League title and FA Cup medal to his name. He's playing less at the moment with the arrival of Nastasic but is still needed as cover. If City get cover in, I still think he could be moved on.

John Merro and Fourth Official, both of whom Verms featured as ITKs last time around, still believe the deal to be on the table and not dead in the water.

jd ‏@jdbluenose
“@FourthOfficial_: @jdbluenose nah it wasn’t, believe what you want however”. I believe u, is ofoe still have a chance of coming to efc?

4h Fourth Official ‏@FourthOfficial_
@jdbluenose spurs also said Pienaar wouldn't be going anywhere, its generally what managers and players do, Ofeo big chance still!

4h Craig Rimmer ‏@Rimbo90
@FourthOfficial_ @jdbluenose Do your sources indicate Lescott still on the table, Fourthy?

2h Fourth Official ‏@FourthOfficial_
@Rimbo90 @jdbluenose yeah!

John Merro ‏@johnmerro1
@jm76efc Lead to believe Lescott is in the bag, it's just a matter of time this month.City need to replace him first. Been told he can go.

3h Craig Rimmer ‏@Rimbo90
@johnmerro1 @jm76efc That doesn't seem to be the case now...

3h John Merro ‏@johnmerro1
@Rimbo90 @jm76efc Ignore press release saying he is not going out on loan made on January 5th. Wait and see where he is Feb 1st.
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January 06, 2013, 11:24:12 PM
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Forren, Lescott, Vadis, Pedro Leon... 3rd here we come!!! 

Though I think we will finish 3rd any way, I've put a bet on it and everything! 

I think the Pedro Leon rumour is bollocks. Not so sure about the Lescott rumours if Forren comes in.

January 11, 2013, 08:18:51 AM
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I thought he was. I just googled him and it said Porto, so thought I'd got my Sportings and Portos mixed up, I didn't delve deeper.

But considering he was supposed to be the next big thing, it's still surprising he's still in Portugal.

I never saw him week-in week-out (does anyone watch the Portuguese League?!) but from what I have he seems to be a classic Number 10, don't think he's the total worldy he's made out to be. But I could be wrong, I still haven't seen him that much.