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Bolton Win
5 (8.9%)
7 (12.5%)
Everton Win
44 (78.6%)

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Author Topic: Bolton v Everton  (Read 52429 times)

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January 26, 2013, 12:08:50 AM
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gueye has been awfull this season, or gueye hasnt been given a chance this season.....

He needs a chance for us to find out whether he's actually any cop or not. Also he is a striker if you ask me and not a winger, it's typical of us to sling him out on the left wing and then call him shite, see also Naismith who is a second striker playing in his wrong position on the wing(although he probably is shite granted).

I agree Oviedo should play too.
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January 26, 2013, 12:20:51 AM
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Not saying he will or he won't just saying that's his position he's not a wide player. As far as I can see if he was up front he wouldn't have the pace but might have the finish, he'd probably do more than the pretty much fuck all (apart from the Sunderland semi last year) up front than shoved out on the wing like a frightened bambi fawn.

 Likelihood is he will be sold off to some French club for 500k in the summer anyway!
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