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February 18, 2013, 02:50:11 AM
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Wikipedia says it was.

February 18, 2013, 04:54:32 PM
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Have u read peles autobiography? I don't usually like autobiographies, but it's an excellent read, and he goes into some detail about goodison park and the 1966 world cup in general, I think he mentions that everyone feared the hungarian team at the time. There's some pics of him at goodison in there too.

crackin read that pele autobiography - a superb player and a great guy
in 1966 it was the first time i saw everton play on tele in the FA Cup final in may 66 then followed watching england win the world cup at wembley too - what a great year to start watching footy - only 9 at the time - HAPPY days

February 18, 2013, 07:27:14 PM
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I was 15 at the time and went to all the qualifying round games at GP with my Dad.
We were in the Paddock.
I very we'll remember watching Brazil and being almost within touching distance of Pele.
Hungary beat Brazil with a fantastic goal from Albert, probably the best goal of the tournament.
We even got tickets for the Final. I remember that we got a letter from the FA inviting us to apply for Final tickets quite early in the competition. I sent off the form and my Dad played hell with me when he got home as he said England didn't have a hope of getting there ! He forgot about that when they got there !
When we got the tickets we were amazed to find that the 2 tickets were for different ends of the ground. We had never been to Wembley before and so just went to one end and presented the tickets and got in: we thought we had cracked it. However we hadn't realised that there was a second 'cordon' of entrance gates inside. Fortunately we got chatting with a guy who was on his own and he kindly volunteered to swap one of the tickets so that we could go in together.
Inside we found that we were behind the goal right next to the German supporters. it turned out to be the goal where the ball hit the bar and bounced down over (or not over if you are a German) the line. To this day I swear it went over but in all honestly I couldn't really see !
My hope now is to "do the double" and see England win the Rugby World Cup when it is next played in this country.
I was 13 at the time I had a season ticket for the main stand,so I got tickets for all the games.I remember the Portugal Brazil game when Pele was kicked half way across Stanley Park.My Dad was a regular at the Winslow and came home with photos of Pele that he'd been given by some journalist who were staying in the rooms above the pub.We only got one final ticket but got another one face value outside Wembley Park tube.The one thing I really remember about the day was bumping into Peter Cook (literally) outside the ground

February 18, 2013, 07:33:41 PM
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 went to every game at Goodison I had a pre bought book of tickets that covered every game still got the stubs to this day
They seem to go for a few hundred pounds on auction sites,I stupidly gave mine to a newphew along with my programme collection when I went away to Uni :headbang: