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Author Topic: Everton V Portsmouth Official Thread  (Read 79450 times)

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May 03, 2010, 07:36:55 AM
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Tony Clifton

I would be tempted to put Neville and/or Hibbert up front.

I'd be tempted to put Neville in a taxi to Manchester, along with the original receipt...

Yes, should give at least a handful of the kids a run out, and try something different upfront (Vic on his lonesome, maybe, with an attacking midfield behind him - preferably including someone who can give him a through ball) 

And, the club should declare May 9th official no-hoofing day - will have to make our defenders play without boots like, but still.  Maybe we could sponsor the players, raise some pennies to buy Carlo Nash a couple of tubes of ointment for his piles. 

Fuck knows, this season's been weird hasn't it?   :eh:

May 05, 2010, 07:20:17 PM
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Tony Clifton

I don't see 1 up front as a problem.

You could have 5 up front and it wouldn't make a difference if the attitude wasn't to attack.

I agree with the sentiment that we should be really having a go though.

I'd like to see a pretty strong team with whoever the management think is the most ready youngster given a game.

Hibbo deffo on pens though.

Fuck that!  Imagine the headlines -  'Everton footballer charged with manslaughter after penalty disaster'