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Author Topic: Baines deal as good as done  (Read 51822 times)

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June 08, 2013, 08:05:02 PM
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Of course I could see any of our players wanting CL football, Baines included. What does not ring true are the prices being quoted. Utd offer £16 million with add ons, and Everton wanting £19 million??

Jordan Henderson was £20 million was he not? Joe Allen? Carroll? Downing?

Man Utd are slightly more fluid than the RS too, and they paid how much for Van Persie as a 29 year old? 

Man City paid £12 million for Rodwell, £30 million for some Brazilian midfielder in the last few days too.

How is Baines only worth £19 million? How many assists does he provide from full back? Add penalty taker, free kicks, a fantastic injury free record into the pot, and he is an England international too.

Baines has to be worth £25 million on the open market today.  Time will tell of course by why sell Baines for a little more than Rodwell? Makes no sense to me!

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June 08, 2013, 08:38:47 PM
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Man City and Liverpool are mugs in the transfer market though.  The 'if x is worth this then y must be worth this' theory isn't a solid one

Agreed, so then we need to drag out the process and get a bidding war then with clubs who will pay the proper value. I cannot see other CL clubs not being interested in Baines, if he wants to go.  

Of course he is worth what we are prepared to accept, but like any purchase he will have a market value. You say strikers guarantee you loads of goals, but if you have quality forwards to convert then so does Baines with his assists. He is almost unique for a defender in that respect.

Kenwright can rightly get blamed for many things, but rarely does he let a player go for less than he is worth. In my opinion any figure less than 25 million is too low.
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June 08, 2013, 09:52:55 PM
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I am sure I saw that the only full back in Europe with a higher assist figure in the last 5 years than Baines was Dani Alves.

In a team with more possession that Everton he will no doubt be even more productive. The quality Baines has going forward is not matched in the Premiership that is for sure, and at 28 he still has 5 or six years at the top left in him.

Baines gives you something that other full back simply do not, and therefore his value should be significantly higher.
Evertonian ever since Andy King smashed the ball past Ray Clemence