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November 30, 2014, 02:18:40 AM
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I'd imagine it'll be four changes from Thursday night. Baines, Coleman, Barkley and Naismith replacing Garbutt, Hibbert, McCarthy and Eto'o. Barry on the bench.

Etoo came off after 70mins on Thursday which probably means he will start again tomorrow.

December 01, 2014, 02:55:45 PM
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You don't think an Ozil/Sanchez/Van Persie fee is daft for Barkley. You don't think he's light years behind what Rooney and Gerrard were doing?? The money being quoted for the lad is frankly ridiculas

50m for someone who has played around 50 games and still a lot to prove is huge money and would be a massive call for the club to turn down, if someone would actually pay that. But there would be a massive risk for the club if he turned into a world star and we sold him because we weren't convinced, would be horrible to see another of our own become a great and not see them do anything for us.

And yes light years behind Rooney at this point in Rooneys career, if you look at it from an age perspective. Rooney had similar number of games and international caps when he was still 17 and was still very raw then. Maybe Barkley would have done too without the leg break when he was 16 and been a lot more consistent on the pitch now? And looking at it from another perspective, Barkley is light years ahead of where bale was when he was 20 and within 3 years he went for a world record fee.

Players develop differently, some very quickly whereas others take a bit more time. Just because Gerard was dominating games at 21 doesn't mean Barkley won't ever, it might be he needs 2 years to keep learning but even if he does he would still only be 22 with hundreds of games ahead of him.