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Author Topic: 2017-18 Today's football  (Read 100471 times)

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pitch invasion at City. im so jealous :)

Its quite sad that football has gone in such a way that weve probably zero chance of this now. 95% have zero chance of any sustained success. Only going to get worse too. The same few picking up everything while the rest just plod on

Must be wonderful being a city fan.

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Serie A just got interesting with Juv's run in  still to play Inter, AC  and Roma.

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Think the Milan game is in the cup but Id put Napoli favourites based on those trips to Inter and Roma, and the way they played tonight if nothing else.

Juve were happy with the draw and paid the price.

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Absolute scenes in Italy.

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He’s a complete myth. Amazed city took him (none of us were even arsed when they did) amazed they got their money back of Sunderland. He’s an absolute nothing player. Had an entire career based on a couple of good games against wenger and Ferguson who then talked him up without any intent to buy him.

He absolutely won’t look out of place in league 1. In fact he might well be too cowardly to make a decent impression at even that level.
................Chris Coleman says Rodwell had said he didn't want to play for Sunderland but equally he didn't want to go out on loan. Must be hugely popular with the other players !!
We are special ,we are Everton.

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Koubilaly is immense he'd play on any team anywhere; if he comes to the PL that team would win it all
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