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Author Topic: Dynamo Kyiv v Everton  (Read 43603 times)

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March 20, 2015, 03:25:04 PM
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Sorry I haven't read much of the thread so apologies if this has already been said, but for all the terrible defending the turning point was when he subbed Atsu. I'm not saying Atsu is brilliant but he was having a decent game and the shape of the side totally went when he came off. We were actually having a good go at them at that point, Atsu had just forced a good save from the keeper and Ross had hit the post but we lost what little cohesion we had from then on.

What is it with Martinez wanting to play without any proper wide men? The worst example I have seen this season was away at Southampton with Ross-Naismith-Eto'o playing behind Rom... everyone could see it wasn't working but he refused to change it.

March 20, 2015, 04:14:50 PM
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I can see that argument mate, but if we'd gone for a 0-0 and then got hit with 2 goals, he'd have been slaughtered for not trying to get an away goal.
I don't want to put the majority of the blame on one player, but Alcaraz created chaos in our team. He was identified as the weakness and Coleman, Jags were all over the place trying to cover his arse as he is so slow. Baines played shite too and is weak defensively. I would have at least brought Stones on after they scored because he has composure.
A sad night but a reality check I think. As for Martinez? I'm trying really hard to be patient but my heart says fuck him off because "the margins are phenomenal" and I'm sick to death of them.
i know what your saying, its good to get the away goal, but we just seemed to be obsessed by it, we were winning and we needed to be more patient, we are good at counter attacking but we wernt set up for that we were set up for all out attack, in fact they scored by hitting us on the counter from one of our corners, it was such a tactically inept and baffling performance and probably one of the worst managed 2nd legs of any game i have seen from a team 2-1 up from the first leg ever, if we had gone 1-0 down then we could of gone more attacking, even when we got back to 1-1 they needed 2 goals yet we were so wide open its untrue.