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December 30, 2009, 11:17:09 PM
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Not sure how to translate as the google one just sends it back to norwegian.

Anyhow the general gist of it is that we are negotiaiting with Malmo for a 15year old who was on trial with us in the summer.

Must have made a good impression on us!!!

December 30, 2009, 11:22:25 PM
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Played in that youth cup thing at Southend. Looks massive for his age!

December 30, 2009, 11:23:45 PM
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Purple Aki

Its swedish I think mate.

m 15-year-old
Premier League side Everton are negotiating with Malmo FF on P15-squad Johan Hammar.
- Johan hope it will solve itself, "said Hammar's agent Martin Klette to
Earlier this year, able to tell you about Everton's interest for Malmo FF's fifteen-year-old central defender Johan Hammar.

Talent has been reviewed and sample trained with Everton and the English apparently liked what they saw. Everton are now in negotiation with MFF if Johan Hammar.
- They are still some distance apart, but John is hopeful that it will resolve itself, "says Martin Klette.

Johan Hammar has no contract with Malmö FF - but skåne Club is still not empty-handed on the hammer moves.
- He has no contract with the MFF but the new rules for international education grant provides MFF entitled to a considerable amount, "said Klette.
What they are negotiating about, if he does not have a contract?
- Compensation. Most shops abroad for young players is at a level during the training grant. In return, the selling clubs may charge more than the training grant if the player goes all the way to the buying club's A team. The idea is that there will be a win-win arrangement.

How much agreement is about to Johan Hammar if he goes to Everton?
- We have not begun to negotiate an agreement with Everton for John yet, but one player under 18 may enter a maximum of 3 years contract. Even if he does not have agreements with MFF, we think it is correct to wait and see if the clubs agree first.

Is there anything that distinguishes the negotiations with regard to this young player from a negotiation on an older player?
- No, not purely technical or legal agreements. It's the same job. On the other hand is so clearly the economic conditions are quite different for a young player, which is okay because there are economic conditions that determine your move in such a young age.

If Everton and Malmö will agree, and Everton then agree with Johan Hammar so it leans to one fled in February, or the summer. PL-club got their eyes on MFF talent at Halmstad camp and then invited him over for a trial game.