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Author Topic: [News]Match Preview/Match Day Thread: Aston Villa vs Everton  (Read 33775 times)

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May 03, 2015, 04:30:19 PM
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bacon sarnie

LOL, as ENC knows, very nice country out there.  You want city? Raleigh/Durham.  You want eclectic?  Asheville.  You want mountains or beaches, NC's got it.  The South is best.

Jags done fine, aside from losing Benteke first half.  Doesn't really detract from the fact he has been a great performer this season.

Practicing Dueling Banjos just in case........ ;)

May 03, 2015, 04:49:33 PM
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Be interesting to see how our new midfield guy, Cleverly, does.

So, apart from the goal, how did he do? I missed the game.
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