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Author Topic: [News]Match Preview/Match Day Thread: Aston Villa vs Everton  (Read 45557 times)

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May 03, 2015, 04:10:19 AM
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We looked like a team with little to play for. Completely fine by me as we honestly have little to play for.

This is true, however would be more understandable if we had been ok most of the season and this was a one off. I can point to numerous performances where have had the underlying problems that we did today. Slow in possession, open in midfield, shaky at the back, don't have a cutting edge going forward and generally very weak once we let in the first goal.

All combined with bizarre selection by Martinez. We have had a good run recently why not continue with what has worked and finish the season as well as possible.

It is possible that was purely them needing the points and us letting off because we didn't desperately need points, however the signs were similar as at soton, hull, stoke, arsenal, Newcastle etc which for me means we still have plenty of work to do to make sure next season isn't as disastrous as this one has been.