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Author Topic: Lukaku for sale - Fair price  (Read 33109 times)

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October 29, 2015, 03:05:33 AM
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I'd imagine when we signed rom it would have been on the basis if a really good team comes in for a price we are happy with he can go, nothing wrong with that. If he does well enough to get one of those moves and we make a good profit then sad but not surprising.

October 29, 2015, 04:08:40 AM
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Zlatan likely to leave next summer psg will definitely be in the market for a forward. If he is going to go anywhere would be a good place to sell him to given he'd be out of the league and could definitely get a good deal out of them.

October 30, 2015, 06:12:42 AM
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You could see clearly in the Arsenal game the big difference in difficulty playing for us vs playing for a team like Arsenal.

Every time the ball went up to Giroud, someone was within 5 yards of him. If he couldn't bring the ball down, he could at least try to knock it down or flick it on.

Every time it went up to Lukaku there was no support within 20 yards of him. It's ludicrous to expect any player to bring the ball down and hold it up consistently when he has 2 players draped all over him.

He has all the talent and we need to do a better job of supporting him. At the very least, if we can get more out of him his price tag will be closer to 50m.

Thats one of my big frustrations at the moment. We are trying to play out from the back but teams are stopping us. We arent moving it quickly and dont have enough options so there are times we play it long to rom, however we dont setup for that option with the rest of the team. When we did it with fellaini in 2012/13 the diagonal ball from Jags to his chest worked brilliantly, not just because felli could bring it down really well but because when the ball went to him he'd have the forward making runs in behind, he'd have pienaar coming for the lay off, who'd have baines going down the outside of him and someone like Ossie for instance in support to help the move as well.

No matter how good someone is at holding the ball up, and rom is hit and miss, they need as many options as they can quickly so they can release the ball and get the move going. Right now our options seem to be lacking and none more so than when the ball is going in to rom.

October 30, 2015, 06:42:33 PM
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Our treatment room is currently full so this couldn't work

Imagine how many hamstring injurieis he'd get if he was at us

November 06, 2015, 02:49:32 PM
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Just think how many Paul Dickov's we could buy for 45m.

In the modern day sadly about 5.

November 06, 2015, 06:01:38 PM
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would be absolutely all over Embolo if we really are in for him. would take upwards of 20-odd million though.

I really like the look of him. Unsure at this point if he will become a consistent goalscorer at a really high level like rom as a central striker or if he is more of a wide forward type player from the few games ive seen. Goal record for his age though is really good so possible and can only judge where has done it so far, would love to have him as one of the forward 4 with rom.

November 11, 2015, 04:19:09 AM
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To be honest Lukaku is now playing in a quality side with some real quality players and so called lesser strikers than him with the assists he has had would have scored as many goals as him or more.
I maintain his first touch is simply poor and his ratio of taking chances is not brilliant. If he had put away the chances a top quality striker normally does we would be at least top 6 now.
Really think we could get somebody better for the 50 mill we would get for him and the very fact I am not upset at the thought of him going as I have in the past about players we have lost says it all for me!

Cannot accept his taking of chances if poor.

As pointed out in the other threat our shots on goal total is really poor, but our conversion is great. Games like west brom we only have 4 shots in target as a team and rom scored twice. He is a really good finisher, if he misses a chance it's a shock. He had a poor day at Swansea but that was one of the only games for us where he has missed plenty of chances.

I can accept his first touch, hold up play, and using his strength can be very hit and miss although has been good the last month.

I think it's the other way. If we didn't have a finisher as good at taking chances as rom we could be bottom 6 by now.
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