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Author Topic: Everton v Leicester  (Read 52878 times)

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December 20, 2015, 04:41:35 AM
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Our players don't follow any rules of percentages or common sense. Just play out regardless. There's a time and a place and it appears no one is telling them this

December 20, 2015, 06:27:34 AM
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Missed the game, but watched it just now.

Honestly, we make bad decisions too often and leave ourselves exposed.

On the second, Mahrez simply laid the ball off and waltzed into the middle of the pitch, no one followed him and with Baines so high up the field Barry is forced wide leaving us exposed.

We desperately need Jags back, McCarthy might help as well but overall we are too open to even imagine getting into Europe. We concede regularly, we must have 1, maybe 2 clean sheets all year. Can't even blame Howard today for me, even on the second, he has to come for that.

Another disappointing game, even when we seem in good form we can't win. What will happen when we look poor? Martinez needs to make some changes or we'll end up in the same spot as last year.