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Author Topic: Director of Football might be appointed...  (Read 31564 times)

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July 19, 2016, 02:40:46 AM
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I agree with this, he said himself he wanted to see what we've got before strengthening

I think that's a standard line.

He's clearly been putting the feelers out for CM as we've been liked with quite a few.

Also been pretty clear we need a no1 keeper.

And a back up / target man style striker.

I think the delays have only come about because we've tried to sign difficult targets.

Apart from the keeper we have players who at least decent PL players, if not good / very good ones.

Therefore it's not a disaster if we have to wait beyond the start of the season (which is still 4 weeks away) to sign players that we really want as we know they will make a difference.

What he may be looking at is whether we need better back up players in certain positions but again they're not desperate.