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September 12, 2010, 08:49:49 AM
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But that was the best team to play. We were more than in the game but for defensive errors. Heitinga letting fletcher go, Baines not closing down either cross and Distin losing Vidic then Distin completely losing the plot.

Yak wasnt fit and you cant have that for 90minutes against United. We needed someone up front who would battle, hold the ball up and give them a tough ride. Cahill did that. Next week, Yak in 100% and play him until he is fit because he is easily our best forward.

What did Hibbert do wrong today? He had a good game, just as he has done every game this season. Osman did ok, not great and should have scored but he isnt a winger but you know what you will get from him whereas Coleman and Bily you dont, which is why he played.

Finally a sensible post in this thread.  A well-reasoned argument. 

The alternative some are suggesting ie. Yak and/or Beckford playing upfront - being given the runaround by the ManU defence, and our midfield overrun, how likely would it have been that we got anything from the game at all?

Our majority of possession was due to Moyes' choice, our control of the game in the large part was due to Moyes.  Best team put out considering the opposition, bar the individual mistakes, could even have snatched it.